Spherex Launches LUXE LIVETM Line of Cannabis Strain-Specific Live Resin Sauce Cartridges in Colorado

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DENVER — Spherex, a Colorado leader in cannabis extraction technology and concentrates, today announced its latest innovation: LUXE LIVE™ cannabis oil cartridges featuring single-strain live resin sauce. Spherex partnered with industry-leading cannabis genetics company Rare Dankness to secure in-demand strains for the LUXE LIVE™ line.

Spherex’s live resin sauce extraction captures the array of terpenes responsible for a strain’s unique flavor profile by using cannabis plants fresh-frozen upon harvest to preserve the delicate trichomes that house cannabinoids and terpenes.


“Freezing a cannabis plant helps preserve its flavor and aroma and eliminates the risk of terpene degradation post-harvest-processing,” said Matthew Keys, Spherex VP of Sales. “By combining full-flavor, fresh-frozen live resin sauce with our signature highly potent CO2 distillate, we’ve created a singular cannabis experience from start to finish, without any burning or clogging—and no hydrocarbon solvents in our extraction process.”

Concentrate connoisseurs seek out live resin sauce for its superior aroma, flavor and what is known as the “entourage effect,” where different chemical components of specific cannabis strains work together to create unique effects on the body’s endocannabinoid system.

Like all Spherex products, LUXE LIVE™ contains 100% pure cannabis oil with no cutting agents of any kind. The 0.5 gram cartridges are 510 thread compatible.

The exclusive LUXE LIVE™ live resin sauce cartridges are currently available at dispensary chains The Green Solution, which has locations across Colorado, and The Stone, serving the greater Denver metro area.

Learn more about Spherex and the expanding availability of LUXE LIVE™ at WeAreSpherex.com.

About Spherex

Founded in 2015, Spherex is one of the leading producers of cannabis oil for vaporizer cartridges, dablicators and infused products. Created with innovative extraction and refinement techniques, Spherex’s high-quality distillate comes in 10 all-natural terpene profiles for a flavorful experience. For more information, visit: WeAreSpherex.com.