The ATID Package Line Backstory


Innovation usually has a backstory.  It is no different for the new ATID proprietary packaging line aimed at the Cannabis Industry.  Years of research and development has allowed us to come out with this  packaging solution which is fully sustainable and exceeds all North American safety standards.  These prototypes are sure to become the future gold-standard of environmentally responsible herbal products containers.

A family-owned business, RXDco, brings decades of packaging innovation to the b-2-b market.  Early in the 1900s Colorado, out in the Rockies, became a hub of mining expeditions.  It started with individuals panning and digging for gold, but then segued into a more formal coal mining industry.  Both the gold and coal mining operations utilized burlap sacks heavily.  A great-great-grandfather headed out to that territory, needle, supplies and cord in hand.  He arrived and began collecting up the worn-out burlap sacks, especially any of those sacks in a sorry eroded state, and studied it carefully, coming up with a plan to recycle, reuse but upgrade the burlap sack to be tougher.  He soon had carved out a niche, with his burlap sacks out-performing many other sacks being peddled there.  His eye for detail, his fair-pricing, and the fact that he would take the ripped old sacks off the hands of companies and miners and pay for them, made his company stand out and flourish. 


As factories began mass-producing everything from food stuffs to cleaning supplies, our forebears realized there was a whole range of packaging lines to be developed.  With the same principles that made our great-great-grandfather’s line of burlap sacks unique, subsequent generations of family members tested, researched, sourced and produced unique packaging lines for many other industry sectors.

While cannabis has a long and storied history internationally as a safe therapeutic, from early 1900s and on, it had been made an herb-non-grata, being outlawed in subsequent decades and classified as a drug.  Eventually, as research scientists continued to explore cannabis’ healing properties and began publishing data on this plants’ mechanisms and positive interactions, a growing movement began to clamor for the green light of marijuana use for medical conditions.  By 2010 the federal government issued the Ogden Memo which cleared the way for many states to begin the process of legalizing cannabis.  Within a few years, the cannabis industry exploded and has been growing rapidly ever since.

Our family, busy with our packaging business, was watching from the sidelines.  This new line of products intrigued us greatly.  For us, any product that might ease suffering, was of interest.  Many of our family had been involved in volunteer work with the sick and elderly, and the medicinal use of plants became an oft-discussed topic at family get-togethers.  It was not surprising, therefore, that we came to the conclusion we wanted to be a part of this new cannabis dispensary industry.  Using our contacts and research scientists and using the same methods we had used for other product lines, we began devoting hours and dollars to coming up with unique cannabis packaging.

For over a decade now, we have offered chic and safe packaging solutions to the cannabis industry.  However, with climate change such a big topic of our times, we went back to our R/D team.  We wanted a packaging that was fully sustainable, one that didn’t add nasty by-products to the ecological biome.  Our ATID line, while very different than traditional packaging products, is amazing because it is fully paper-based packaging.  Yes, with innovation it takes time for end-users to become familiar with the new mechanisms inherent.  That is why we devised educational clips showing end-users how to interact with this new product line.

The ATID product line is certified child-resistant.  Its tech advanced system has built-in barriers of membranes that makes the product be hermetically sealed in, preventing adulteration of the cannabis products inside.  The cap is a bit harder to open, but that feature keeps the product fresher inside. Third party lab validation is run constantly, guaranteeing the product is free from toxins.  It is a good feeling when you know the container for the flower-based product you are selling is as organic as the product itself.  It means a more wholesome cannabis industry when the packaging is eco-conscious and as pure as the product.

The ATID product line will be manufactured in the USA.  Sourcing is in accordance with the Global Forest Registry, non-GMO based and sustainable, keeping the greenery of the world flourishing.  Every part of the ATID package line is bio-degradable or recyclable and leaves no harmful footprint behind.

We’ve received a legacy from our old-burlap producing great-grandfather.  That quality and sustainability is a gold-standard for business.  We aim to pass down a legacy to the next generation, too, one where the environment is enhanced by superior quality packaging.