Weekenders Cannabis Launches New THC and CBD Pre-Rolls

LOS ANGELES – With the legalization of recreational cannabis and its increasingly strong societal acceptance, a large and growing number of adults are opting to integrate cannabis into their lifestyles. They seek its myriad of benefits, from relaxation, to creative inspiration and productivity, to general wellness and relaxation. Weekenders Cannabis, an emerging California-based cannabis company, is tapping into the movement with pre-rolls geared for consumers wanting to experience a more functional high without the unwanted effects of highly concentrated THC products.

A recent study by New Frontier Data indicates that the Weekenders approach is offering consumers exactly what they want. According to the report, joints are among the most popular product for 83 percent of cannabis users, and a whopping 88 percent of consumers are looking for a functional experience with cannabis. This is the Weekenders sweet-spot.


While most cannabis products are either too strong, with THC levels often surpassing 20 percent, or too mild, with CBD-only products that miss out on THC’s energizing, euphoric effects, Weekenders has curated a pre-roll that brings together the best attributes of the two cannabinoids. Their products meticulously blend energizing and uplifting THC from a sativa dominant strain with full spectrum CBD flower, which alleviates anxiety and provides pain-relief and other health benefits. The result is a perfectly balanced high that offers cannabis users what they want: 66 percent of consumers seek relaxation from cannabis, 59 percent look for stress relief, and 53 percent anxiety reduction, all of which are core effects of Weekenders products.

Weekenders obsession with quality lies not just in the effects of its products, but in those products’ source. Free from synthetic fertilizers and chemicals, Weekenders cultivates the finest small-batch, artisanal flowers in the remote North Coast of Humboldt County. Redwood Valley Farm, with which is has a partnership, cultivates biodiversity through a complex system of cover cropping, composting with locally sourced materials, using techniques such as Korean Natural Farming (KNF), and Bokashi and Fermented Plant Juices (FPJ) to promote nutrient recycling. As a result of its farming practices, the terroir in Weekenders’ cannabis is unmistakable.

Weekenders offers two pre-roll options, CHILL and PLAY, which it first debuted at Hall of Flowers in September, 2019. To meet the demand for consumers wanting cannabis higher in CBD, the CHILL pre-roll formula features a special CBD-forward blend, while consumers wanting more of the energizing THC benefits can opt for the PLAY pre-rolls. All products have both THC and CBD, as the ‘Entourage Effect’ of the two cannabinoids interacting is key to the promise of the product. Weekenders pre-rolls are available in both 7-count and 1-count packs.

“We created Weekenders as an option for new, infrequent – and even frequent – users who want the uplifting benefits of cannabis without the unwanted effects, and we’re thrilled with the overwhelming response we received at Hall of Flowers from buyers who see Weekenders as the answer to this growing segment of recreational users,” said Kahlil Lozoraitis, of Weekenders.

With its recent launch and debut at Hall of Flowers, Weekenders anticipates rapid growth in 2020, as recreational cannabis use is expected to rise and sales in the U.S. are projected to reach nearly $30 billion by 2025.

About Weekenders Cannabis
Weekenders Cannabis is an emerging California-based company focused on all-natural cannabis formulated for a more functional high without the unwanted effects of highly concentrated THC products. Weekenders meticulously blends uplifting THC flower with healing CBD to create a high that’s perfectly balanced for whatever your weekend has in store.