8 Great Cannabis Vaporizers to Boost Seasonal Sales

Cannabis Vaporizers mgretailer August
Cannabis Vaporizers mgretailer August

Can you believe it’s already August? Time flies, and it won’t be long before the days start getting shorter and consumer’s thoughts will start turning toward the end of the year and… holiday shopping. Savvy retail buyers have been looking at seasonal lines since July, with big box retailers putting Christmas on shelves in September.

It seems like it gets earlier every year, especially now that retail churns literally 24/7, online and off. Cannabis market data firm Headset said in its 2018 report The Holiday High: A Look at Seasonal Trends in Cannabis, that cannabis retailers do experience holiday sales spikes, related to Black Friday, holiday entertaining, gift-giving, and long, holiday weekends.


Experts and analysts agree that concentrates and cannabis oils will only become more popular as cannabis markets mature—and vape customers need gear. Convenience, mobility, more potent effects, and dislike of combustion smokables are all reasons why even old bong smokers are switching to vapes. That trend isn’t going to change anytime soon, with innovative technology being developed to take vaping everywhere that consumers want to go.

Meantime, let’s enjoy summer while we can. Here are eight cool cannabis vaporizers to consider, on these long, sultry, lazy August days:

Photo: AirVape.com

AirVape X – Convection and conduction technology is combined to provide this vaporizer for dried flower, with smooth, even heating for an improved vaping experience. Perfectly pocket-sized, the AirVape X has a ceramic chamber, digital display for temperature and battery level, auto shut-off for safety, and it vibrates when adequately pre-heated. Exclusive to the X vape – the X Shell, which slips over the whole unit, making it odor-proof and waterproof. In black and ocean blue; $179.00 MSRP. AirVapeUSA.com.

Photo: BNDLSTech.com

Boundless Technology Terp Pen – This reasonably priced, pen-style dab vaporizer is simple and sweet. No chambers, no buttons—simply remove the cap, draw on the pen to heat the coil, and then dip the coil into a fat dab for breezy-easy vaping. Small and super discreet, for use on the go or away from home. In silver and black; $29.00 MSRP. BNDLSTech.com.

Photo: DynaVap.com

DynaVape “M” Butane Vaporizer Pen – Constructed from medical grade stainless steel, this vape pen is designed for simplicity and durability, and for those that prefer butane ignition. Each unit comes with Dyna Labs’ original “temperature-indicating” DynaCap—simply fill the cap with vaping material, attach to the pen, then heat with a butane lighter until the cap signals it’s ready to hit with double-click sound. The cap will also double-click to signal when it has cooled down enough for another round. Beautifully basic design; $70.00 MSRP. DynaVap.com.

Photo: GPen.com

Grenco Science G Pen Gio – Not the newest in this line-up, but a favorite for affordability and usability, the G Pen Gio is rechargeable (with a micro-USB), has a durable, ergonomically-designed zinc alloy body, and its own accessory line for folks that want more from their portable vaporizer. Simply load with any G Pen Gio cartridge (available at select cannabis dispensaries), and it’s ready to go, with button-less technology that heats and then hits on the draw. Grenco cannabis oil collaborations include brands Cookies and Lemonnade. Extra accessories include a water pipe adapter, charging dock, and silicone sleeve. Starting $19.95 MSRP. GPen.com.

Photo: LinxVapor.com

Linx Vapor Hypnos Zero Vaporizer – This award-winning design is for concentrate enthusiasts that are on the move or at events. Designed for purity, there’s no paint, fibers, or plastic; a ceramic plate heating element and chamber, and glass mouthpiece guarantee smooth, clean vapor, improved flavor, and minimal reclaim. Sleek and sexy, the Hypnos Zero comes with a recharging cord and an extra mouthpiece, all in a discreet, purse-sized kit. Four temperature settings simplify options for optimal heating. Available in stylish steel or fun iridescent; $79.99 MSRP. LinxVapor.com.

Photo: Pax.com

PAX 3 – Another portable favorite, PAX brings vape users its concentrate and dried flower combo vaporizer, the PAX 3. All the bells and whistles, this deceptively discreet and deluxe vaporizer features rapid heating, more than sixty temperature settings, ultra long-lasting battery, and is Bluetooth-enabled with its own app. This unit has it all, for the advanced vape user or eager, new enthusiast. In sophisticated matte-finished black, rose gold (pictured here), silver, and teal; starting at $199.99 MSRP. PAX.com.

Photo: PuffCo.com

PuffCo Limited Edition Peak Neon Lightning – The turbo Lamborghini of tabletop vaporizers, PuffCo’s Peak line is a wonder to behold; the limited edition Neon Lightning is vaporizer vision that feels ultra futuristic. It “features a new glow-in-the-dark silicone base, neon green ‘filigrana’ inner-cone, and a pearl white band.” An object of light art with one-button operation, four temperature settings, and smart ware that adjusts temperature during prolonged use. Vibrates when ready to blast off into orbit. Accessories kit also available; starting at $399.99 MSRP. PuffCo.com.

Photo: Storz-Bickel.com

Storz & Bickel Volcano Hybrid – The OG of all tabletop vaporizers—the iconic Volcano is back with dual use options for pro-level vaping. Streamlined and shiny, the Volcano has easy-to-navigate push button operation, large digital display, and durable stainless steel construction. Great for social situations when using the classic Easy Valve balloon to share vapor puffs, or use the new, rotatable tube system for solo seshs. The Volcano Hybrid is Bluetooth-enabled and has its own Android or IOS compatible app, for a customizable experience. $699.00 MSRP. Storz-Bickel.com.

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