Not Your Average Brownie: 10 Amazing California Edibles

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So many ways to medicate! And the options are increasing daily, especially now in recreationally legal California. So we’ve rounded up a Cali sampler with plenty of options to satisfy any patient or rec user—and offer a window into the myriad niches that cannabis entrepreneurs are rushing to fill as the map of cannabis legal states continues to expand. (Now at 28, and counting.) Word to the wise: If you’re new to edibles or just trying a new product, always go slow at first. Different people react differently to cannabis delivered in different ways, so a dose may hit you harder in a cookie than in a candy or a beverage or whatever wacky cannabis delivery system they come up with next. Be smart, medicate safely.

Madame Munchie, edibles


1) Fancy Fare: Macarons from “Madam Munchie”

Definitely not your mama’s macaroons, these fancy French macarons from Madame Munchie are, to paraphrase, meringue-based cookies made of almond flour, egg whites and sugar, then filled, resulting in a delicate treat with a crunchy exterior and a light interior that’s “almost nougatlike in its chewiness.” Talk about a mouthful! But you don’t just have to take Mme. Munchie’s word for it. These petite yummies were Hempcon’s 2016 winner for Best Dessert and a High Times Award winner for Best Edible. Types of Macarons available include: Citrus à L’amande (with orange zest & house-made almond butter, pictured above), Hazelnut Mocha (with espresso, chocolate ganache & house-made Hazelnut Butter)—and the one we’re dying to try: PB&J with organic grape jelly and house-made peanut butter. Because when we get fancy we like to bring it all the way down.

House of Jane, edibles

2) Sip-Sliding Away: Coffee from “House of Jane”

If you want a cup of Joe that’ll really get you going, you might consider making that a cup of Jane. Jane’s cannabis infused coffees come in a variety of doses and CDB/THC blends and are available in C-Cups and pod bags that make it easy to medicate discretely. Note to pod people: You can get your Keurig on! Or, use a traditional coffee maker or French press. Made from Fair Trade coffee infused with CO2 extracted cannabis oil, House of Jane Coffee was a Hempcon Cup 2015 winner for Best Edible and Connoisseurs’ Choice. And user testimonials rave that Jane’s java helps them perk up and cope with pain simultaneously so there’s no nod-off. Coffee achievers just found a new special friend.

sprig, edibles

3) Popping Off: Soda from “Sprig”

Here’s your chance to sip and trip, with Sprig soda, a citrus flavored cannabis infused beverage that’s not too sweet—a common complaint about other marijuana sodas. But the reviews are good for Sprig’s taste. Cannabis advocate comic Doug Benson called Sprig “The only cannabis beverage that doesn’t taste like bong water,” so maybe the bar isn’t quite that high—so to speak. Made with CO2 extracted and distilled THC oil, the 45mg THC in each can might be too much for some, so first timers are advised to consider splitting one with a friend or two. Sharing is caring, and splitting a can of cannabis with friends sounds like the perfect way to live up to Sprig’s slogan: Smile More.

Venice Cookie Company, tea, edibles

4) Berry Good: Hibiscus Berry Tea from “Venice Cookie Company”

Teetotalers never had it so good, thanks to this caffeine-free tropical treat. Stoked with 40mg of THC, VCC’s Hibiscus Berry Tea is sure to be good for what ails you with its blend of soothing chamomile, rose hips and hibiscus to aid digestion along with chicory root, strawberry and mango flavors. Why not medicate (or recreate) with a taste of the tropics—or try any of their 6 other flavors including Masala Chai and 1:1 CDB Lemon Ginger With Tumeric. On the Board of the California Cannabis Industry Association, Venice Cookie Company is a not-for-profit consumer collective whose products include Brownies, Cookies, Hard Candy, Infused Olive Oil and much more. So if Hibiscus Berry doesn’t fit you to a tea, they’re sure to have something else to help you medicate. (

Ganjalato, edibles, gelato

5) Sweet! Gelato by “Ganjalato”

Treatment that’s a real treat. Medicated gelato is not only a great idea for an edible it’s also brilliantly executed by Ganjalato. The Proof: Their Cookies and Dreams flavor took first place for edibles at the 2015 Chalice Cup. Also available in Salted Caramel Crunch flavor, Ganjalato’s cannabis-infused gelatos are made with activated CO2 extracts and are available in both 50mg and 100mg THC dose containers. (They also offer a Fully Baked Chocolate Cookie Sandwich at 75 mg THC.) Any of these would be a surefire fun way to medicate on hot days and probably a good bet for those with sensitive stomachs. Available mostly in the company’s Southern California home, Ganjalato’s cool treats are sure to be expanding their market soon. Ice is nice. (

truffles, edibles, to whom it may concern

6) Chocolate City: Truffles from “To Whom It May”

When it’s time to get into the yum-zone, To Whom It May Chocolates is there to show the way with a variety of chocolate cannabis bonbons and truffles. Coming in variable doses (2.5mg, 5mg, 15mg, 45mg) and multiple flavors, we have to say we like the sound of the hazelnut butter truffle, done up from house-made maple-smoked almond butter, dark chocolate, coconut oil, cocoa powder, raw honey, and toasted almonds. We also like that they use organic products whenever possible to make the best-tasting most healthful indulgences imaginable. (

Auntie Dolores, pretzels, edibles

7) Salt of the Earth: Pretzels from “Auntie Dolores”

Score one for salty! While dreams of brownies and candies often dance in the heads of cannabis edibles fanatics, Auntie Dolores pretzels prove that not ALL that medicates is sweet. Believing that “food is medicine just as much as the cannabis,” Auntie D is invested in good-tasting products with high quality ingredients, offering dietary options that are vegan, Paleo, gluten free, non-gmo, sugar free and low glycemic. Good news: The experienced company has a track record as a pioneer of medical cannabis in California, starting up in 2007. The bad news: There’s no actual Auntie Delores cooking up the munchables in some farm kitchen. Dolore is the Latin word for pain, so these snacks are simply, Anti-Pain. But you wouldn’t want to absentmindedly nibble these, no matter how good they taste or how wholesome they are: 2 to 3 pretzels gives you 10 mg of THC (each canister contains 12 doses). In other words, be careful not to get too twisted. ( products/savory-pretzels/)

Flour Child, granola, edibles

8) Ganja Granola From “Flour Child”

Copping some Summer of Love flair with their flower power pun company name, the fine folks at Flour Child follow through on their hippie heritage with ganja granola (and other organic edibles). Indeed, their tasty and potent granola is made with only organic and sustainably produced ingredients, ice-water hash from local artisans and farm-direct fruits. And of course Love. They wouldn’t say so on the label if it wasn’t true, right? The granola’s non-emotional ingredients more specifically consist of “oats, Polit Farms Arbequina olive oil, maple syrup, raw turbinado sugar, Knoll Farm dried figs, flax seeds, sesame seeds, sea salt, & cannabis ice water hash.” Each 8 oz. jar contains approximately 125 mg of THC, with a recommended serving (one tablespoon) containing about 7mg. Available in San Francisco and Los Angles dispensaries and for delivery, check their website for specific locations and products. Then, just prepare to mellow out, man. ( karma, edibles, potato chips, tortilla chips

9) Super Spuds: Potato Chips from “Yummi Karma”

Yummi Karma, probably best known for their tinctures, is now letting the chips fall where they may. As in, potato chips and tortilla chips. With two 25mg THC servings in each bag, these tasty and crunchable treats might encourage you to overdo it, but don’t. These are medicine not just munchies despite the fact that the potato chips come in flavors like Sriracha, Sour Cream & Onion, Salt & Pepper and Barbecue. Beginners of course should try a small dose at first, though we know how hard it is to eat just one chip. (

Betty Khrnonic, energy bars, edibles10) Get Baked With Betty Khronic Energy Bars

If you want to go the distance AND go vegan, Betty Khronic Energy Bars are here for you. Founder and CEO Katina Morales, aka Betty Khronic, hit on the notion of these medicinal snacks while training for the 2015 Boston Marathon. A distance runner since college, Betty wanted an all-natural way of healing sore muscles and began making her own cannabis infused edibles to consume after long runs. While experimenting first at her home kitchen, then at her Downtown LA location, Betty cooked up several products. But Khronic’s kitchen is now focused on energy bars, which are infused with only lab tested high-grade sativa, cultivated by Certified Growers in California. Made from locally sourced organic raw ingredients, Betty’s bars are vegan organic and gluten free and each bar contains 7 grams of plant based protein (see website for full details). Currently available only in Southern California, Betty Khronic’s products are totally stoked for the long run. (

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