Incredibles’ Predictions for 2017

Sweet Gummies Incredibles clip
Sweet Gummies Incredibles clip

Incredibles founders Bob Eschino and Rick Scarpello give us their predictions for 2017.

Founded in 2010, Incredibles has long since established itself as a popular and respected fixture in the Colorado cannabis marketplace. We ran a few questions by founders Bob and Rick to get a snapshot look at what the company is up to and what we can expect to see from them in 2017.

What trends in the edibles market do you anticipate taking off in 2017?


Last year’s cannabis edibles trend in Colorado focused on the shift to “micro-dosing,” and we predict this trend will continue, with a renewed focus on branding. We often remark that micro-dosing was the official cannabis-industry buzzword of the year. New users approaching cannabis feel more comfortable with edibles, therefore lower-dose items are increasing in popularity. In response to these market forces, we’ll be updating our branding and introducing two completely new product lines in 2017.

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Bob Eschino

Predict trends in cannabis concentrates throughout 2017:

Concentrates were the fastest growing cannabis category in Colorado in 2016, with new product categories—like rosin, fresh frozen, or our sap—emerging seemingly every day. Pay attention. As the market for concentrates continues to mature, we’ll see consumer sophistication levels increase. Therefore, we’ll see demand for full-spectrum, terpene-rich concentrates rise proportionately. That’s why our Incredibles extracts are quickly becoming the connoisseur’s choice: our strain-specific, cannabis-derived terpenes profiles and proprietary genetics.

 What do we have to look forward to from Incredibles in 2017?

Not only will Incredibles be revamping its look in 2017, but we’ll also be supercharging our ingredient quality standards. Since the beginning, we’ve been committed to gluten-free ingredients, but now we’re adding sustainable palm oil. Responsible production is an important part of our mission. We’re even planning to use hemp in our upcoming packaging.

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Rick Scarpello

Why should we care?

The best cannabis products are made from superior extraction technology. It’s that simple. We’ve spent nearly six years investing in our proprietary extraction methods and genetics. Throughout 2017, we’re going to focus on telling the story of how the Incredibles brand is updating its look and branding to reflect the connoisseur-grade quality used in every aspect of our production line. From seed to sale, we can’t wait for Coloradans to try our new gummy products. Incredibles represents consistency and the highest, safest quality for consumers.