Strains of September: Farms to Remember

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Summer is coming to a sultry close. Fall follows in the Northern Hemisphere–from the turning autumn leaves in legal states Connecticut, Maine, Vermont, and Massachusetts to the darkening days of Alaska, and the shores of the legal West Coast. American farmers are in their fields, readying crops to bring harvests home–including cannabis farmers. Here are ten growers, from Atlantic to Pacific, who have some special strains to offer:

Cookies an Cream_Capitol City_mgretailerCapital City Care–Capital City is the only dispensary in our country’s capitol Washington D.C., licensed to grow their own cannabis. With many to choose from, their house-grown strains offer patients consistency and quality. Consider their Cookies and Cream (pictured) at a whopping 24 percent THC: “This award-winning hybrid-leaning indica combines the rare Starfighter strain with a special Cookies cut to produce a sweet flower with a creamy flavor and relaxing effects.” At


Garnet-Curaleaf_mgretailerCuraleaf™–This Massachusetts-based grower is not limited to Massachusetts, but has its line of products available in several states, including New Jersey, Arizona, Connecticut, Florida, Oregon, Maryland, Maine, Nevada, New York, and Pennsylvania. Offering several flower strain options, as well as a full line of vape cartridges, topicals, and tinctures. On their Connecticut menu, consider hybrid strain Garnet (pictured): “… a 60 percent indica-dominant hybrid that offers a fruity aroma and well-balanced effect,” with THC content between 24-28 percent. From

Agent-Orange-Farleys_mgretailerFarley’s Cannabis Farm–This family-run small farm in Maine has been offering cannabis since 2015, and grows an extensive list of 28 strains for local patients. Their menu offers some classics and some local favorites like MOB Boss, Giga Bud, and Qrazy Train. Other strains include Girl Scout Cookies, Agent Orange (pictured), Gorilla Glue x Querkle, and even two CBD-dominant strains, CBD Shark Shock and AC/DC. Caregiver services are available for Maine patients. At

blackberry-kush-Genesis_mgretailerGenesis Pharms–At this small Oregon Farm, they grow only four strains, with a focus on patient care. Consider their indica-dominant Blueberry Kush: “Blueberry x Afghani–Another indica dominant plant with the same genetic makeup of Shishkaberry but with the parentage reversed. Produces almost overpowering tastes and aromas. This strain really sets the mark for connoisseur grade cannabis flowers.” Other strains include the aforementioned Shishkaberry, as well as Catatonic, and Northern Berry. They also offer cannabis tinctures, including RSO and high-CBD formulations. From

Relax_Grown_Rogue_mgretailerGrown Rogue–In Oregon, where sustainable, organic, holistic, and green growing practices are the gold standard, this Medford-based grower offers proprietary strains that are classified by effect–so, customers can choose from Relax (pictured), Optimize, Groove, Uplift, and Energize (which spells “ROGUE”). A visit to the farm’s website gives connoisseurs links to full appellations for their strains. For instance Relax is identified as pedigreed from Purple Hindu Kush, with 20-24 percent THC levels, and aroma of, “vanilla, anise, and cardamom on top of slight rotting fruit tones.” Flower available in up to half-pound size. Proprietary vape cartridges also available. Grown Rogue product is Clean Green- and Phylos-certified. From

CheeseQuake_Maggies_Farm_mgretailerMaggie’s Farm–This Colorado farm grows under the sun, offering organic, award-winning strains. With a grand total of 60 strains on their website to choose from, Maggie’s has something to offer patients and recreational users. For instance, their Cheesequake (pictured) is described as skunky, sweet, and cheesy, as well as “an indica dominant hybrid made with UK Cheese and Querkle. This strain is an excellent choice for pain relief and relaxation.” They also offer prerolls, edibles, tinctures, concentrates, and more. At

Sweet_Sour_Widow_Moani_mgretailerMoani Naturals–This Washington State-based grower selects strains based on the Hawaiian tradition of highly potent pakalolo. Indoor grown, Moani has recently released four new strains, including Blue Boy, Blueberry Kush, Sweet and Sour Widow, and Blackberry Kush. “Sweet n Sour Widow (pictured)” Moani said, “is a top-shelf hybrid derived from a wonderfully sour white widow pheno. The resulting high CBD strain is highly resinous and produces wonderful buds with aromas of citrus and diesel. Sweet and Sour widow is an intense sativa dominant strain with THC levels that often test over 20 percent.” From

Rainforest_Farms_mgretailerRainforest Farms–Grown under the Midnight Sun, Rainforest Farms is a vertical cannabis business with retail facility located in Juneau, Alaska. Open every day in the summer, from 9am-10pm, Rainforest Farms retail store offers Alaskans “oils, salves, lip balms, edibles, and concentrates” and “can assist you with your Alaska cannabis experience.” Their website calendar said their scheduled for a new harvest on September 30. They also offer additional flower strains and other products from various Alaskan vendors, at

AfghaniTangTang_Revolutionary_Clinics_mgretailerRevolutionary Clinics–This Massachusetts-based cannabis chain grows its own strains in the town of Fitchburg, and has three retail locations. Take, for instance, their description of house strain Tang Tang Afghani (pictured): “A complex mixture of effects that soothes and uplifts. This hybrid blends anti-inflammatory pain relief and pleasurable physical effects with a focused, cerebral buzz… pungent, reeking of skunk and forest floor. The earthy terpenes mellow on the palate, while stimulating appetite and creativity. Afghani Kush is a land race Indica from the Middle East and Tang Tang is a land race Sativa from Jamaica.” From

State_Flower_logo_mgretailerState Flower Cannabis–With state-of-the-art grow facilities located in California’s Bay Area and Las Vegas, this grower started small in NorCal. West Coast-centric, State Flower showcases classic California strains. Featured flowers include familiar names like Cherry AK, Granddaddy Purp, Super Glue, Fire OG, and CBD-dominant Catatonic, among others. The first grower in California and Nevada to be Envirocann™-certified, which means crops are tested by Envirocann during “every stage of growth in the cultivation process (not just finished flowers), to certify that cannabis is free of synthetic pesticides, PGRs, and that sustainable practices are employed.” Small batch, hand-trimmed and cured, and California genetics create quality flower. From

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