Ruth Epstein, Partner at BGP Advisors, Recommends Favorite Cannabis Products

Satori Chocolate covered Strawberries mg Magazine 2
Satori Chocolate covered Strawberries mg Magazine 2

My favorites are the tinctures from Care By Design ( I am a big fan of 1:1 for relaxing or to help me sleep. I give my octogenarian dad the 18:1, which gives him the benefit of terrific pain management without any high from the THC. I also like Select CBD ( pens, particularly the Lavender Relax blend.


I really like Papa & Barkley’s ( Releaf Balm for more generalized muscular pain, and Mary’s Medicinals ( transdermal patches for localized pain or injuries.


Vapes are my delivery mechanism of choice. I love Moxie ( live-resin cartridges, which they make in my favorite strain, Strawberry Banana. Moxie’s commitment to purity and quality is very important to me. I also am a big fan of ABX ( distillate cartridges, which are smooth and come in a huge variety of strains and flavors, including my favorites, Jack Herer and Blue Dream. Eden Extracts ( also makes very pure and heavy-hitting cartridges.


I am a fan of Hepburns ( petites. They pack a potent punch, and they come in a rockin’ purple tin with groovy artwork.


I love Satori ( chocolates, especially their milk-chocolate-covered strawberries and their CBD-rich salted caramel almonds with dark chocolate. Yum! And they are micro-dosed at 5mg, so you can enjoy them and stay coherent.


In the Bay Area, Harvest ( is my go-to. The hospitality background of the founders is very much in evidence in the way they treat their customers. I love that their products are physically on display and can be examined without having to ask a budtender. In SoCal, I am a MedMen ( girl. I love the Barney’s vibe, the glamour, and the red logo.

Next Big Thing

I think Grasshopper Kiosks ( vending machines for dispensaries are going to revolutionize the way we buy cannabis. They will make it faster and easier to get accurate information and to complete a purchase without waiting in line.

BGP Advisors is a California-based boutique business and financial advisory firm for the rapidly evolving legal cannabis industry.

Image: Satori Chocolates
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