5 Packaging Secrets that Could Double Your Pre-Roll Sales

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A battle between pre-roll brands happens in every dispensary every day.

Packaging flower in a pre-roll cone and then packaging the cone in a pop-top tube is just the beginning. Next, the brands must call out to customers from the retail shelf, drawing them in for the sale. The competition is fierce, and it is pushing the pre-roll packaging world to innovative new heights.


When recreational markets were young, there was little innovation. Early actors were too bogged down with growing pains and regulatory woes to worry too much about pre-roll packaging. So, we saw lots of pop-top tubes with simple sticker labels.

However, as more growers and brands joined the cannabis pre-roll market, it became ever more important to market pre-rolls creatively in order to catch consumers’ eyes.

Just as in any other industry, the winners have been those with strong branding who have capitalized on innovative pre-roll packaging with premium features like metallic foil and matte finishes to stand out with customers.

Now, pre-rolls in creative multipacks with innovative child-resistant mechanisms are becoming more and more commonplace. And brands that invested in their pre-roll packaging are seeing more long-term sales.

At Custom Cones USA we are pre-roll experts, so we put together a list of five packaging solutions to double your sales.

Save time and money with full-package shrink sleeves

Time is money. The more time your team spends packaging, labeling, and adding tamper bands to pre-roll tubes, the less you make per tube. Furthermore, this is tedious, uncomfortable labor no one wants to do.

With shrink sleeves and the Shrink Sleeve Sealing machine, both labeling and shrink-band application can be accomplished in one step. They also can be customized to any pre-roll tube size with any design desired, making shrink sleeves a big upgrade from simple stickers.

Shrink sleeves also allow special touches, like clear windows that show the pre-roll, which can further entice customers.

Use innovative, yet compliant, materials

The child-resistant Push Pack is a high-quality paper package with an innovative push-to-slide child-resistance mechanism. Until recently, paper was not allowed as a cannabis packaging option because there was no way to make it child-resistant.

However, innovation has provided affordable, yet fully compliant, paper packaging to the market.

Push Packs allow full-color direct printing, which eliminates the need to have the team apply labels or sleeves. They can be made in custom size and can come with divider inserts to protect joints or without the inserts. We highly recommend you place multiple strains in each pack, because consumers like variety.

As the younger generation leans more toward budget-friendly pre-rolls, a multipack like the Push Pack gives growers and retailers an option to sell in bulk and keep margins in place.

Glass tubes offer premium experiences

Glass tubes have become popular in the pre-roll packaging world for two reasons. First, it is easier to get glass tubes with child-resistant lids than it is to find plastic tubes of the same type. Second, a glass tube feels like a luxurious container for a premium product.

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Image: Custom Cones USA

In addition to child-resistant caps, other lids have been introduced for glass tubes, such as cork tops, bamboo suction, and metallic tips. Some brands even have used wax on top of these options to make the packaging even more premium.

The market quickly took notice that premium products like infused pre-rolls or kief-coated blunts require packaging that feels luxurious. Consumers look for a premium experience when they purchase these products. The price points demand it.

Wide and extra-wide glass tubes are available to fit pre-roll blunts larger than two grams. Making multiple sizes available has become extremely popular because people want bigger pre-rolls for celebratory moments.

There is virtue in versatility and presentation

The Slider Box and pre-roll tins come in multiple sizes that can accommodate whatever pre-rolls you have. The slide-open action provides a different type of pre-roll presentation, and the pre-roll tins come in many different size and styles.

Each slider box holds up to six joints, which offers versatility in how much weight to put into each pack. The child-resistance mechanism is easy to learn, reducing frustration for users. The box is made from thick, durable plastic, so it really protects the pre-rolls.

Inserts, available separately, set the pre-rolls firmly in place and can be color-customized. The product can be further customized on a budget with an in-house printer, or you can take the customization to the next level by getting direct printing on the Slider Box, which eliminates the need to place labels on the box at all.

Ergonomic multipacks breed customer loyalty

A new member of the pre-roll packaging family, the child-resistant Snap Pack, has made a splash because it can house up to tem 84mm (half gram) or 70mm (mini-cone) pre-rolls.

The Snap Pack takes its look from the traditional cigarette box, with push-to-open buttons on the side for easy tamper-proofing. To customize the Snap Pack, you only need affordable sticker labels or can purchase shrink sleeves in a custom size. A premium option like direct printing is also available and is done at the time of packaging construction.

The Snap Pack is smaller than other items on this list, but its size lends the product to an ergonomic shape that fits easily in the pocket for those on the go. The half-gram and mini-cone options are quickly becoming very popular as users spring for more personal products for their own use.

We offer bundle deals that include all options like the glass tubes, slider boxes, Snap pack, etc., all for a discount for bulk purchases. For totally custom pre-roll packaging, we have an in-house design team ready to collaborate.

For more information, visit CustomConesUSA.com.