Custom Cones USA: Pandemic Sparks Consumer Shift Toward Pre-Roll Multipacks

Pre-Roll Multipacks (Image: Custom Cones USA)

The global pandemic has changed so many of our consumer habits. Stores are at limited capacity. Empty shelves are a common sight. Deliveries are abundant and curbside pickup is a new norm.

Pot dispensaries have also seen a shift in consumer behavior since the beginning of the pandemic. Customers are buying more of their goodies in the form of greater flower quantities and pre-roll multipacks.


In a recent survey conducted by Custom Cones USA, pre-roll manufacturers said they are seeing the market lean more toward quality AND quantity, so they are responding with more multipack offerings. According to the survey, which included more than 160 cannabis pre-roll businesses, more than 61 percent are using some form of multipack packaging. Similarly, more than 68 percent of respondents sell pre-rolled joints in a quantity greater than one.

The cannabis flower market is seeing the same thing. According to Headset, a Seattle-based cannabis analytics firm, sales of one-gram flower packages fell in multiple North American marijuana markets last year, likely related to consumers who shopped less often because of the COVID-19 pandemic but made larger purchases (like 3.5-gram eighths and pre-rolled joint multipacks) when visiting a dispensary.

In Washington state, for example, unit sales of one-gram packages fell by 29 percent in 2020, from roughly 661,000 units sold in January to 471,000 in December. Headset data shows even larger dips for 1-gram package sales between January and December 2020 in California (-44 percent) and Nevada (-40 percent), although Nevada sales of one-gram packages started trending back up in November.

As more brands launch multipack products to meet this growing trend, packaging is evolving to assist. While they are all clever in their presentation, we have grouped them by whether they are child resistant or not.

Child-Resistant Multipack Packaging

The Push Pack is a stylish and high-end pre-roll multipack packaging option that allows you to fully customize the size, design, and overall look and feel of the product inside and out. You’ll also avoid the manpower costs of labeling your own products since we handle it with high-quality direct printing. We have unbranded versions as well if you want to keep it simple.

The insert protects your pre-rolls on the inside, while the child-resistant slide box protects children on the outside. Its ergonomic shape makes it feel comfortable when held in your pocket or in your hand and push-closure is easy to learn, limiting client frustration when opening.

In this video, we’re going to give you an overview of our Push Packsthe ideal packaging solution for those looking for child-resistant, durable.

Custom Button Boxes have the classic feel of the cigarette box with a modern, tamper-proof upgrade. Featuring vivid, full-color printing and an eco-friendly but sturdy paper construction, the Custom Book Box can be dressed in sophistication as well as playful whimsy. The side buttons provide a discrete child-proof mechanism.

The Pre-Roll Snap-Pack is an economical, easy opening, packaging option for pre-roll multi packs. This pre-roll packaging can hold up to 10 half-gram 84mm cones. The pre-roll snap-pack is child resistant and is currently in CPSC/ISO testing. The plug seals on the cap of the packaging helps to keep your flower fresh in each pre-roll. The Pre-Roll Snap Pack is made from durable plastic which protects the pre-rolls inside from any damage. The container is also highly reusable with a hinge which can last for many months.

The Slider Pre-Roll Box is perfect for pre-roll multi-packs! Built tough, this pre-roll packaging option is both stylish and child safe. The new slider pre-roll box uses a clever opening mechanism which makes it easier to open than ever while still maintaining the necessary child resistance to be CSPC certified in all 50 states.

The Dogwalker pre-roll multipack jar is child resistant and the perfect size to hold several Mini Dogwalker Pre-Rolls. The cylindrical multi-pack jar is made of durable plastic right here in the USA and is the perfect place to keep joints fresh, sealed and odor free. These jars come in multiple sizes and colors.

Non-Child-Resistant Multipack Packaging

Tell the story of your brand with the Custom Book Box. The beauty of this box is really the ability to customize. We can make the books any size. We also have multiple insert options to hold all the pre-rolls you desire. Your logo can be front and center on the outside, while on-brand messages delight your customers on the inside. If you want your brand to play at the highest levels, it’s time to hit the books with the Custom Book Box.

In the pre-roll world, there is no packaging more iconic than the traditional Cigarette Box. Pristinely wrapped, pre-rolled smokes lined up in a tidy row waiting for quick couple thumps on the pack to give final compression to the goods inside. Fold back the retro-flip box top and give a quick pop to lift the pre-roll that wants to smoke first. With our custom design team, you can combine this cultural nostalgia with your custom branding to deliver something new and exciting for your customers. The cigarette boxes custom, tailored sizes make it easy for the box to conform to any configuration of your pre-rolls.

Extra wide glass pre-roll tubes are the perfect multipack packaging option if you are looking for something a little more premium than plastic tubes. The wide glass tube is designed for multi-packs, cannagars, or other specialty pre-rolls. Since these glass tubes have either a cork or bamboo cap, they are not certified child resistant.

The 114mm wide mouth pre-roll tube is one of the best tubes in the market for pre-roll multi-packs. You can snugly fit up to five one-gram pre-rolled cones inside the extra wide mouth pre-roll tubes and you can even include a humidity pack to ensure your pre-rolls stay fresh.

The Pull Pack is made from ultra-thick paper board, so your pre-rolls will be protected, and your customers will be impressed with this beautiful pre roll packaging. The satin ribbon pull makes this packaging option easy to open and the customizable tray options make this multipack fully customizable for any size or number of pre-rolls. Compared to our Push Packs, which are child resistant, the Pull Pack is a non-CR version, which features a satin ribbon pull on the inner tray. The ribbon color can be customized to match your brand and you can even fully print on both the inside and outside of the inner tray and outer box.