Billionaire Launches Swissx Bank of Cannabis, Cryptocurrency

Swissx cannabis bank cyrpto mgretailer
Swissx cannabis bank cyrpto mgretailer

GSTAAD, Switzerland – Cypriot billionaire scion and businessman Alkiviades David, also known as Alki, has launched the Swissx Bank of Cannabis, in order to facilitate global banking transactions for the legal cannabis industry, including his own CBD production company Swissx.

The Swissx Bank of Cannabis also operates cryptocurrency SWX Coin for its transactions.


A press release announcement said, “SWX Coin is backed by a bank of proprietary hemp strain seeds worth $750 million and $250 million in Swiss Francs pegged to global price of hemp.” A new platform also will be launched called, “the Swissx Global Hemp Exchange, [which] will provide analytics and pricing as well as a forum for trade.”

“The Swissx Global Hemp Exchange will monitor and analyze thousands of data streams including predictive crop software. The Exchange will initially handle Swissx’s surplus crop at preferred rates but will eventually become the authority for the entire Cannabis sector for trusted pricing and trading,” Swissx said in the release. “For added speed and security the Swissx Bank of Cannabis and SWX Coin operate on D-Wave Technology’s advanced quantum computers.”

Swissx is primarily known as a leading producer of CBD products including proprietary high-CBD hemp strains and a full range of CBD-based smokables, edibles, topicals, ingestibles, concentrates, and isolates, manufactured in Switzerland. The company also recently announced development of a “massive international cooperative farming operation, with acres already planted in California and Puerto Rico, and 5000 more acres under contract across the Caribbean.”

The Swissx Bank of Cannabis will be based in Gstaad, Switzerland, and headquartered at a to-be-announced Caribbean location. Cryptocurrency blog noted Swissx claims the Prime Minister of St. Kitts-Nevis Denzil Douglas has joined the bank’s board.

“First we changed the game for CBD products, then we created tremendous opportunity for farmers and their regional economies throughout the Caribbean,” Swissx founder and Chief Executive Officer David told the Cyprus Mail. “Now we’ve used Swiss financial know-how to create the first bank and cryptocurrency entirely optimized for the legal cannabis industry.”

Several media outlets noted that the proprietary seeds backing SWX Coin are Swissx Cherry Wine and Donald Trump strains.

David, who is 51, is an heir to the Coca-Cola soft drink fortune. His family business is Leventis-David Group, which owns the Coca-Cola Hellenic bottling plants that bottle Coca-Cola all over the world. He also owns the company Hologram USA, which produced the well-known Tupac hologram debuted at Coachella, in 2012, as well as holograms of other late performers.

A controversial figure that has been embroiled in various lawsuits (including charges involving sexual harassment and inappropriate work environment), David created more media buzz in May when he was arrested on the Caribbean island of St. Kitts-Nevis for smuggling 5,000 hemp plants, hemp seeds, and CBD products on his private plane.

Local officials estimated the value of the illegal cargo to be $1.3 million dollars; David said he was in St. Kitts to promote Swissx business and that in any case, the CBD-based products are legal for transport. David is scheduled to appear on charges in September.

Rolling Stone Magazine reported “actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers, his wife, and Meyers’ mother-in-law were reportedly on his private plane, as was billionaire Chase Ergen, cofounder and chairman of satellite cable company Dish Network.” Everyone aboard the plane at the time was detained for several hours.

David has a long list of celebrity endorsers, including heavyweight champion boxer Mike Tyson, Scott Disick of Keeping up with the Kardashians, guitarist Dave Navarro of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, hip-hop artists Snoop Dogg, Chief Keef, and Lil Wayne, as well as cannabis legend Tommy Chong of Cheech and Chong, designer Donatella Versace, and—of course—actor Jonathan Rhys Myers.

Also in May: David purchased a five-bedroom, four-and-a-half bath Malibu mansion, on Old Malibu Road, for $19 million. Entertainment trade publication Variety reported that Elizabeth Luster, granddaughter and heir of legendary Hollywood makeup artist Max Factor, has owned the home since the early ‘90s.

Download Swissx wallet here.