5 Horticulture and Growing Products to Help Make Your March Bloom

Heavy Duty Trim Tray 2 clip web
Heavy Duty Trim Tray 2 clip web

1) Trim Tray

Trim Tray is designed as a feather-light laptop trimming surface. The product separates pollen while trimming. It also features a comfortable nonslip base, 150-micron stainless steel screen, magnifying card scoop, and two accessory screens. TheTrimTray.com

products2) SmartBee Water Content Sensor Module

Irrigation timers are great, but they often are based on strict timing, not the plant’s actually need for water. SmartBee Sensor Module irrigation controls have been designed specifically to combine the benefits of timed feedings while considering the amount of water. Once set points are put in place, the Hive Gateway gathers and interprets sensor data and waters accordingly. SmartBeeControllers.com


Grosense, products, horticulture3) GroSens Handheld

The new GroSens HandHeld meter is an ideal measuring instrument for growers, enabling precision irrigation through a more accurate measurement. If offers users of the Grodan system with a detailed display of the water content (WC), the EC, and the temperature of the stone wool substrate. Grodan.com

OG Tea, products, horticulture4) OG Tea Company Root Webstar

The founder and Chief Executive Officer of OG Tea Co., based in Sonoma, California, learned the process of veganic growing from the “old-school growers” in Utah. Root WebStar is an exotic blend of mycorrhizal fungi propagules designed for stimulating rapid root growth. Best to use at the beginning of the growing cycle with rooted seed or clone, the product works with every nutrient regimen and every growing technique. OGTea.com

Leaf Tree, pr, horticulture, oducts5) The LeafTree

Weighing only 6 lbs. with dimensions of 24 x 8 x 6 inches, The LeafTree comes in a set of five and is an easy and affordable way to make your yields bigger and wider. Bulk order discounts available. TheLeafTree.com