The 5 Largest Cannabis Grow Operations in the United States

Largest cannabis grow operations mg Retailer 2
Largest cannabis grow operations mg Retailer 2

The cannabis industry, as a whole, seems to be rapidly expanding. With 30 states approving medicinal cannabis sales and nine states legalizing recreational use, producing enough flower to meet demand can be a challenge. The cost to cultivate cannabis across these large farms is also different for a number of regulatory reasons. Check out our list of the 5 largest cannabis grow operations by square feet in the United States.

1. Los Suenos Farms: 1,480,000 square feet

Not surprisingly, the largest cannabis grow in the United States is located in Colorado. Located in Pueblo, California, Los Suenos Farms has dedicated uses over 1 million square feet of farmland to produce cannabis at its Pueblo, Colorado location. Although they are by far the largest cannabis farm in the United States, they seemed focused on utilizing organic farming practices. All cannabis grown at Los Suenos farms is pesticide-free and grown naturally outdoors.


2. Americann: 1,000,000 square feet

Americann’s Massachusetts location is not yet operational but is expected to open soon. This operation will utilize 52 acres of land and will brand the property as the Massachusetts Medical Cannabis Center (MMCC). MMCC aims to set a new standard in terms of energy efficiency and clean cultivation. The center’s vast growing space will not be relegated to one company, rather, multiple tenants will be able to rent and use the space. Tenants will have easy methods of waste disposal available. MMCC will also have a testing laboratory on site, making life convenient for the growers working out of the space.

3. Copperstate Farms: 348,000 Square Feet

Copperstate Farms operates a 1.7-million-square-foot facility in Snowflake, Arizona. Of the 40 acres of cultivation space, five acres are planted with cannabis; the other 35 are earmarked for planting “as needed.” Copperstate Farms has been a reliable job creator for Snowflake. They use organic pesticides and biological pest control or “good bugs” to fend off unwanted insects. All flower grown at Copperstate is part of a sophisticated seed-to-sale program with barcodes able to track each batch back to the plant it was grown from.

4. Harvest Inc.: 208,000 Square Feet

Harvest Inc. is also located in Arizona, Tempe to be exact. While Harvest Inc.’s 208,000 square foot facility primarily produces cannabis, they also have a research institute. While many cannabis companies claim to be dedicated toward meeting the needs of medical patients, Harvest Inc. is really making a difference. The research institute’s first article was published by the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs. Harvest Inc. also has donated several hundred thousand dollars to charities such as the American Cancer Society and Ryan House.

5. Glass House Farms: 200,000 Square Feet

Glass House Farms is located in California. They operate a large 200,000 square foot facility and offer their own branded cannabis flower that customers can find in dispensaries throughout the state. Glass  House Farms specializes in several select strains including Dream Walker, King Louie OG, and Super Silver Haze.