KIVA Confections (the Power of a Brand): Community Outreach

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(KIVA Confections is one of the companies featured in The Power of a Brand: Lessons From 20 Top Cannabis Companies, in the June issue of mg Magazine.)

It should go without saying cannabis edibles companies adhere to strict food-safety standards and efficacy testing. Those, and business integrity, are at the top of KIVA Confections’ list of must-dos. But for co-founder Kristi Knoblich Palmer, community and inclusivity are at the center of everything the company does.


“In a medical or recreational market, KIVA’s mission remains the same: We want everyone to feel empowered to enjoy our product to enhance life’s greatest moments, no matter how large or small they may be,” she said.

Thus, the company reaches into the communities it serves. In 2018, KIVA mounted an onsite presence at Outsidelands and hosted a suite of elevated parties for the holidays; in 2019, the company organized a Valentine’s Day bash for influencers. “We are constantly searching for new ways to resonate with our current consumers and untapped market segments,” she said.

The company’s product packaging is outreach of another sort. Each line has its own carefully considered look designed to appeal to a subset of a broad target market: KIVA Bars invoke an eco-conscious vibe; Camino Gummies appeal to the outdoorsy-California set; and Petra Mints and Terra Bites trade on traditional aesthetics and portability. Palmer said she considers packaging a storytelling medium. “We constantly draw inspiration for current and future brand offerings from unexpected sources like art, history, travel, and pop culture,” she said.