4 Professional Cannabis Services to Make Life in Alaska Easier

Alaska cannabis professional services

As you know, running a cannabis business is not exactly like running a lemonade stand. Without access to banking, you may need to rely on professional services a bit more than you would otherwise. For owners and operators in Alaska, we have not forgotten about our northernmost state. Check out these four companies offer professional services tailored to the cannabis industry that could help you keep your affairs in order.

Denali Law Group


So you never want to be in need of a criminal defense attorney, but unfortunately working in the cannabis industry means dealing with forces outside of your control. Denali Law Group offers cannabis legal defense services. The firm has a combined experience of over 75 years in criminal law and serves clients throughout the entire state. So if the authorities come knocking on your shop’s door you may want to consider Denali. The firm also offers cannabis DUI defense and business legal consultation so they may really be worth a call if you are in need of assistance.


WRConkey Accounting Service

If you make an accounting error while running a coffee shop you may have an awkward time explaining it to the IRS. If you make an accounting error while operating a cannabis dispensary then you could end up in jail. Let’s make sure it does not come to that. WRConkey works with cannabis companies and takes on clients with or without a bank account. They have tailored their services specifically for the industry and understand Section 280E of the tax code, the section that can really give businesses a rough time. They also offer bookkeeping assistance, cash flow forecasting, and many other services.


Associated Agency Group

No one gets excited about inurance…until they need it. In the cannabis industry, so many costly things can go wrong, and you may not be able to acquire additioinal capital to keep your doors open. Associated Agency Group (AAG) offers insurance policies for cannabis businesses in Alaska. AAG will cover losses for cannabis producers, processors, and retailers. Their coverage is extensive and includes inventory, crops, grow equipment and other items. Taking out a policy with AAG may offer rare peace of mind in the industry.


Green Rush Consulting

It does not matter how much planning you have put into your business plan or if you are already operating, sometimes we all still need some professional advice. Green Rush Consulting can help entrepreneurs navigate the process of applying for cannabis business licenses. They also offer regulatory help for new or existing shops, making sure your business stays within compliance and ultimately stays open. But they do not stop there. Green Rush also can assist with HR support, dispensary employee training, business planning, and many other services.