Bud Posters Is Providing High Art for Upscale Dispensaries

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White Rhino Mockup 1 e1471902373641

A few years back, Bud Posters President Mike May launched Gym Poster, a very successful poster line for the fitness industry.

“I’m not really a gym guy, so we decided to launch Bud Posters,” noted May. Aware of the explosive growth of medical and recreational dispensaries because he frequented collectives to treat his insomnia and back pain, he set out to create a better experience by supplying nascent retail shops with a level of artistic excellence that wouldn’t break the bank.

May and his small team brainstormed a few poster ideas and then passed the concepts off to artists to create. What came back amazed even May. He knew he had a good idea, but the creative work that came back was just what he thought the industry needed—and deserved. He immediately decided also to offer custom posters: Clients send him their logo or a photo, which then goes through the Bud Posters artistic process.


“We have a very talented artist who’s always open to new ideas and designs and can create whatever our clients desire,” May noted. “Everything is printed in Los Angeles and can be hand-delivered to local dispensaries.”

May is in the process of expanding the company’s offerings to include hats, shirts, iPhone cases, tote bags, and other items. Right now, Bud Posters offers six poster designs in various sizes and types, printed on thick, museum-quality paper or canvas. At least a half dozen new designs are ready to launch soon.

So, how’s business?

“We’re off to a great start and have been pleasantly surprised by all the orders,” May said. “Once we expand our product line and do more marketing, we hope to grow very rapidly.”

May expects business to be even brisker after full legalization.

“One of the reasons we got into this business is we were hoping for explosive growth once more states legalize recreational use,” May said. “Our team is also working on an all-new set of ultra-fresh products that every dispensary can use. These are going to be game changers, and we are super excited.”

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