Stimulating New Campaign For Pot Products


From The Creators Project:

A John William Waterhouse painting of a Pre-Raphaelite female reclined in nature gets a modern day spin as portrait of a sprite with a cannabis spray in hand. Taking a cue from Miuccia Prada in merging high art with the art of the sell, the anonymous founder of NY-Based personal pot product line, GOODWITCH, takes great care in creating a visual mystique for her wares.


SIn working with photographers and other creatives, GOODWITCH’s ethos is in exploring “the often-absurd experience of chasing the fantasy of harmony rather than purporting to sell it.” Since marijuana is still illegal in the state of New York, GOODWITCH is intent on maintaining an underground culture around its commerce.

In an email exchange with The Creators Project, GOODWITCH’s founder says, “It’s a very secretive and small local operation that I use to fund my creative projects and I don’t have current plans to expand it as a legit business or outside of my immediate community. I would even say that the business itself is more of a vehicle for creating the kind of art I want to make right now.”

Part of this brand identity is in furthering the mystique of both using stimulants in everyday products and promoting a healthy fantasy around the lifestyle of it. The line boasts a THC lip balm, oral sprays, and a stimulating personal lubricant. Gone are the days of masculist stoner stigmas—GOODWITCH hopes to challenge those stereotypes and elevate the possibilities of marijuana products for self-care and healing.

In doing so, GOODWITCH collaborated with photographers Luke Abby and Jimmy Tagliaferri to create visually stimulating portrait series called hyperpastoral and RECREATION, respectfully. In hyperpastoral, the point was to show portraits of women in nature and in Instagram through composed body shapes “that appear natural and relaxed but that also have a dramatic stillness and underlying intentionality to them. A chill self-awareness.” Hyperpastoral is meant to evoke a dreamy stoned solo adventure, where the “romance is being directed inward.” Says the founder, “It’s really about luxuriating in alone time & but still having a healthy ego.”

RECREATION, on the other hand, is a shoot intended to promote the joys of the lube product. Take inspiration from dated health textbook photos and exercise pamphlets, the photos were meant to have an institutional element to them. “The images were intended to feel like a demonstration, awkward but friendly.”

GOODWITCH’s founder is a creative herself, having studied art history, philosophy, and the Classics. She’s dabbled in acting, dance, and other forms of expression. She explains, “I co-create the visual content with other artists, so far in the form of pseudo-advertisements incorporating the products. The nature of the images is really more creative than commercial, they promote an illegal business without a traditional marketing setup.”

Because of GOODWITCH’s ephemeral business model, the founder uses the line as creative project. The underground cannabis commerce comes with its own set of unique limitations and freedoms. “I’m not trying to say ‘Hey, this weed stuff will fix your problems,’” the founder explains. “It’s more about expressing what I find exciting about themes of self-care and balance in general.”

GOODWITCH products are available locally in BK and NYC—through strictly underground means.