Stocking Stuffers to Deck Your Shelves With

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shutterstock 321123341

The holidays are fast approaching. Don’t be left in the cold. Check out Seven Ways to Maximize Sales for the Holidays and our stocking stuffers guide below.

Stocking Stuffers


dixie, edibles, chocolate cherry pretzelDixie’s Chocolate Cherry Pretzel 

Tasty and containing only 10mg THC, this decadent treat makes a perfect stocking stuffer.

Joint Chief mg Holidays

Joint Chiefs Supply Complete Kit

Contains rolling tray and stick, ashtray, grinder, two books of customized Ziggi brand hemp rolling papers, two four-ounce jars, size pre-rolled cones, and six plastic tubes. Box made of natural mango wood.

ff2_red_glowFireFly 2

Firefly has upped the ante with a vaporizer that heats in only three seconds and works with both aromatic blends and concentrates. Charges in forty-five minutes and comes with two batteries.

executive-hemp-pen-goldHemp Pen

              Made with 100-percent pure Kentucky hemp; 3D printed options available.

ipuff-vape-vape-pen-sets-bard-hover-900x600Limited Edition Ipuff Bard Pen Set

Each dome is one of a kind: handmade, numbered and signed by glass-blowing artist Michael Bard. The Dual-coil concentrte vape pen set includes a rechargable battery, an atomizer, and several accessories.

greenhouse-cypress-vaporizerGreenhouse Cypress vaporizer:

Features a pocket-friendly size, flat ceramic heating coil, and all-glass air path; heats to 500F in ten seconds.

walnut tri-cannador 2, cannadorTri Cannador

A fun coffee-table item for the eccentric designer or modernist who enjoys geometry and fresh, high-grade cannabis.

Korova Mint Black Bar, ediblesKorova Mint Black Bar

The infamous THC Black Bar with Andes mint baking chips and mint drizzle now comes with a whopping 1,000mg THC.

pumpkin-spice-cakeMoonman’s Mistress Pumpkin Pecan Mini Space Cakes

A blend of pumpkin, pecan, nuts, egg, and coconut; 20mg or 40mg THC.


Valhalla Confections Stocking Stuffers

Valhalla Confections Thai Ginger Spice Granola Bar

A swirl of honey, almonds, and peanut butter. Gluten free, 100-percent natural; 60mg THC.


kushkards3_01Kush Kards

Hilarious, witty, and classic cannabis-themed greeting cards.


Numa, powder, ediblesInnovative Edibles Numa: Neither entirely an edible nor a sublingual, the fine Numa powder combines two effects, gradually melting away as the flavors are savored and the spirit of cannabis emerges. Available in three flavors: Pineapple/Rose, Parmesan Black Pepper, and White Chocolate Cinnamon.