Regulated Solutions Group Partners with Hoban Law and PRØHBTD for Cannabis Education Experiences at Music Festivals

Music Festival mg retailer
Music Festival mg retailer

Regulated Solutions Group (RSG), an event marketing, sales, and distribution compliance platform for the cannabis industry is announcing a strategic partnership with PRØHBTD, the leading cannabis lifestyle media and brand platform, and Hoban Law Group, a national cannabis law firm.

This partnership will focus on cannabis education and awareness for consumers through music festivals. According to RSG, music festivals create an ideal environment for this type of outreach. “There are thousands of music festivals across the country with varying brand needs,” Peter Goldstein, Co-founder of RSG, told mg. “As we see shifts in consumer demand, there is a great need for educating and we see a wide range of age demographics that engage with us at these events.”


Music festivals tend to attract a younger audience and both RSG and PRØHBTD are excited at the potential to reach this demographic. “The average age of a committed music festival concert goer is 32 years old and they’re interested in cannabis and they’re interested in wellness,” Drake Sutton-Shearer, CEO and Founder of PRØHBTD said.

Hoban, one of the country’s most widely recognized cannabis law firms, and PRØHBTD, who maintains one of the largest media content libraries in cannabis, will use their specific areas of expertise to power these events.

Legal cannabis is a relatively new concept and there is a great deal of misinformation, or in some cases, a total lack of information. For a medicine and recreational drug that is marketed as safer than alcohol, this lack of reliable data could be problematic for cannabis consumers.

“Consumers are purchasing cannabis and CBD products with little to no knowledge of what they are buying. With an influx of new brands, we see the need for education becoming increasingly important. Music festivals provide an opportunity to create a relationship and a lasting impression on consumers,” Goldstein said.

RSG is working on their 2019 calendar and is building relationships with cannabis and CBD brands. There are some challenges to take into consideration since cannabis is a state by state industry. RSG is working most actively in California, where recreational sales are legal. However, they plan to work across the country, even where cannabis sales and public consumption is not allowed at events. In states that do not permit cannabis sales, “it does not limit our ability to reach thousands of interested consumers, build mass exposure for brands, and educate consumers on products,” Goldstein said.

RSG is working with already established music festivals that draw hundreds of thousands of attendees.

“The beautiful thing about festivals is you have a captured consumer already predisposed to enjoying themselves in a fun and welcoming environment. Our intention is now to offer them a new activity to enjoy and that will help introduce some of these great new cannabis brands to them at a place and time where they are most comfortable,” Sutton-Shearer said.

The cannabis industry is always looking to the future, a future where federal law no longer prevents the industry from reaching its true potential. “Our team has successfully executed thousands of licensed and compliant events for some of the largest alcohol and tobacco companies, working directly with municipalities in 35 plus states. We are counting down the days for federal legalization,” Goldstein said.