AUDACIOUS Opens Medical Cannabis Clinic in Southeast Asia, Expanding Global Footprint into Thai Medical Cannabis Market

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LAS VEGAS – Just as the dynamic Thai medical cannabis market begins to blossom, AUDACIOUS and Thai-based partner Golden Triangle Health have partnered to open the first Herbidus Medical Center in Bangkok, which is also the first medical cannabis clinic in Southeast Asia supported by a U.S. Multi-State Operator (MSO).

Herbidus is among the first clinics in Asia that can prescribe cannabis for medical treatments in compliance with the law. It uses medicine approved by the Government Pharmaceutical Organization and is staffed by doctors that follow global standards for use of cannabis in patient treatment.


“Interest in medical cannabis is expanding rapidly in Thailand,” said Terry Booth, Chief Executive Officer at AUDACIOUS. “With the opening of the Herbidus Medical Center, we are looking forward to bringing AUDACIOUS’ cannabis expertise and seasoned corporate leadership to the Thai cannabis market. This is one of several initiatives that we are embarking on with Golden Triangle Health, which along with its parent company enjoys robust distribution channels across Thailand, as well as nimble and powerful white label capabilities for cannabis product manufacturing.”

Mr. Booth continued, “GTH will also receive support from our Chief Science Officer, Dr. Jason Dyck, and will be able to utilize his knowledge and experience. This provides Herbidus with access to one of the global leaders in medical cannabis science, resulting in Herbidus patients receiving the highest standards of care in the industry. This will leverage the years of research we have performed in Canada and other countries, including Dr. Dyck’s studies on one of the world’s largest databases of medical cannabis users to identify the primary reasons for medical cannabis authorization and the health outcomes of these patients.”

As Thailand begins to more aggressively expand opportunities for legal cannabis businesses, AUDACIOUS and Golden Triangle Health are poised to serve the nation of 70 million people with cannabis services and products grounded in years of successful and professional cannabis pursuits in North America.

Itself a spin off from Thai public company NR Instant Produce PCL with market cap close to $400M, GTH is well positioned to grow rapidly in the nascent Thai market. Following a soft launch, Herbidus has already seen close to 800 patients, showing the pent-up demand in Thailand for medical cannabis related services. Dr. Jason Dyck, CSO at AUDACIOUS, commented, “Leveraging the knowledge gained from years of studying one of the world’s largest databases of medical cannabis users, we have made significant advances in understanding the medical conditions that patients are seeking cannabis treatment for as well as studying the health outcomes of these patients. The results of these studies will now become an integral part of the knowledge base of the practitioners at our Herbidus clinics to help our patients.”

Golden Triangle co-founder Tom Kruesopon said, “Golden Triangle Health already has strong brand equity in Thailand and across Asia. Our partnership with AUDACIOUS to open Herbidus helps propel us even further,” “We believe that together, we can be one of the most important players in the Asian cannabis market, following our joint launch in the Asian CBD market earlier this year.”

Added AUDACIOUS Chief Operating Officer Duke Fu: “We believe the nascent cannabis market in Asia offers thrilling new and massive addressable market for AUDACIOUS. Given Golden Triangle Health’s extensive and positive track record with distribution, cannabis and hemp manufacturing and healthcare in Thailand, we know this partnership is ideal for showcasing the true medical and economic benefits of cannabis.”


AUDACIOUS is a next-generation MSO growing the cannabis industry of tomorrow from the ground up, led by industry pioneer Terry Booth and an accomplished management team with proven industry track records. With operations that range from providing industry-leading sustainable cultivation design and optimization to retail storefronts, growing flower in-house, and manufacturing award-winning brands, AUDACIOUS has products and solutions for everyone. Quickly expanding through innovative partnerships and collaborations, AUDACIOUS is forging the inclusive cannabis community of tomorrow, today. Learn more about AUDACIOUS here.

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