Finding a Greater Balance With Minerva Products’ Truly Microdosed Vegan Cannabis Edibles

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Santa Ana, California – Fact: while there are lots of edibles brands out there, very few of them are truly gourmet, and most frustratingly – hardly any of them taste great. Until now! Constantly inspired by the exclusive feelings only the best food is capable of evoking, the team at Minerva enjoys mixing unexpected flavors and all-natural ingredients together in order to provide a uniquely delightful, sensual experience for the conscious cannabis consumer.

They are proud California natives (the brand’s inception was in Marin County), and live to daydream about food combinations, so providing truly microdosed treats that make people happy is their top priority. Minerva is on a mission to create products in hopes of inspiring a better world.


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About Minerva Products:

The ‘recipe’ for the best tasting edibles on the market, from Minerva, came about as founder and edibles visionary, Andrea Lupear, was looking for ways to get back into the food industry when she had a monumental realization: that it was impossible for her to microdose cannabis and enjoy the edibles she personally wanted to eat, simply because vegan cannabis edibles were not available to buy on the market. The brand is intended to address the needs of a large demographic of current cannabis edibles consumers — while bolstering the needs of new-to-market users through cannabis education — focused specifically on the benefits of microdosing.

Minerva customers are an eclectic mix of all different types of people who have one thing in common: they’re all looking for a natural cannabis-derived boost to their daily activities, without getting too high. Targeted Minerva consumers include (but are not limited to) vegans and vegetarians, foodies, newcomers to cannabis interested in microdosing, and all those who value a brand that provides consistently fantastic products with seasonal offerings.

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