Glass House Group’s F/ELD Partners with Airgraft Inc.

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Los Angeles – Glass House Group’s award-winning concentrates brand, F/ELD, and vapor technology company, Airgraft Inc., announced a collaboration that brings together  F/ELD’s best of breed flower extracts with the Airgraft Clean Vaporizer, an advanced cannabis vaporization hardware and software that provides cannabis consumers with a one-of-a-kind live resin and rosin vaping experience that serves up superior control, dosing and taste.

Each of F/ELD’s Airgraft-Verified SecurePods is filled with pure live resin/rosin oils derived from hand-selected, fresh-frozen flower grown by a single master producer, and contain no distillate, additives or cutting agents. The bespoke batches, which are handcrafted specifically for the Airgraft Clean Vaporizer, are available in: Sour Orangzina, Kuztom Kush, Larry Pie, Peach Water, Sour Lemon, Strawberry Fields, Strawnana and The Original “Z.” 


The Airgraft Clean Vaporizer precisely evaporates each F/ELD oil with a unique heating profile that preserves the full depth of taste and effect of fresh flower. The Airgraft Clean Vaporizer features a ‘ZeroBurn’ dynamic vapor engine that is custom-tuned for each pod, delivering the complete terpene profile and full-spectrum cannabinoid content of F/ELD’s cannabis extracts, without combustion. Working in tandem with the Airgraft App, the device also enables personalized heating algorithms, dose-control down to each active ingredient, device-lock, SecurePod verification and other advanced vaping technologies.

“Aligning ourselves with Airgraft was a no-brainer because they hold themselves to the same impossible standards as we do,” said Glass House Group Executive Vice President of Sales Joe Andreae. “After meeting the Airgraft team and collaborating on a few rounds of fun, hands-on experimentation, we knew our customers would fall in love with this pairing. Their device makes our extracts shine, and we’ve worked hard to make our live resin show off Airgraft’s superior capabilities. As we continue to raise the bar for high standards and evolution in the cannabis space, we look forward to working with other like-minded partners like Airgraft, who share our love for delivering the best products to our customers.”

“This partnership highlights the superior technology of our Airgraft Clean Vaporizer when coupled with an award-winning leader like F/ELD, whose products are known for delivering nothing but the purest, terpiest essence of a strain’s flavor and effects that are true to the plant,” said Airgraft’s VP of sales and marketing Boris Barbaric. “As people get closer to fully customizing their cannabis experiences, we look forward to maintaining our leadership position  by providing superior quality and control in a high-tech delivery system.”

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About Airgraft
Airgraft Inc. is a responsible vaporization technology company headquartered in Montreal, Canada. Airgraft designs, develops and sells vaporization hardware and software to serve and curate the very best of cannabis. Airgraft was founded in 2018 by a multinational team of designers, engineers, scientists and technologists with a rich history of global brand and product launches. Airgraft is supported by top cannabis and consumer industry investors, and leaders of key luxury fashion, alcohol and CPG brands.