Introducing The Perfect Companion: A 5-Piece Micropipe Set By Cannabis Brand Perfect Blends

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Perfect ( announces their first merch drop as they release The Perfect Companion, a 5-piece multicolored set of helpful Micropipes that allow consumers to dose 75 mg or smoke 3-4 hits of their favorite herb per dose or “bowl.” You can now microdose and easily stash them away on the go, share some fresh pipes with friends, or match the colors to your favorite blends!

Available and sold as a pack of five individually colored micropipes: Red, Yellow, Green, Purple, and Blue, the 5-piece set is designed to match each blend by Perfect with a color to provide convenient, repeatable, and controlled highs. The live resin-infused cannabis brand offers a way to pack, dose, and smoke your favorite flower. Now, you can match your favorite Perfect signature blends: Happy Camper, Pick Me Up, NightCap or Sexpot, with a colored micropipe for perfectly dialed in effects.


Designed for the dose-conscious consumer, medical patient, or the on-the-go recreational consumer, Perfect’s 5-piece micropipe set includes a small bristle brush for easy cleaning and maintenance between usages. If you’re looking to consistently dose your cannabis or heading to an outdoor concert where sharing is welcome, Perfect’s micropipes 5-pack is ideal to have on hand to enable individualized tokes without sharing germs. Each friend can pick their favorite color and blend and enjoy!

How to Use The Perfect Companion:

Tap the open end of micropipe into loose flower to pack the bowl

Inhale gently to pull flame towards flower; don’t burn directly. (1 micropipe fill = 3-4 inhales)

When finished, push the opposite end on the micropipe to release the ash

Clean micropipes between switching strains or blends with included bristle brush

Based out of California, Perfect’s patented manufacturing process delivers terpene-rich formulated proprietary blends, each obtaining desired effects and their own unique qualities. Perfect sources terpene-rich flower from craft cultivators to create blended formulations using 100% cannabis flower and cannabis oil.

Perfect currently offers four effects or blends: Happy Camper, Pick Me Up, NightCap and Sexpot. Each blend is available in 3 gram jars of loose flower and small .33g mini infused prerolls. Perfect’s live resin-infused blends deliver consistent quality, flavor, and potency and now you can match a perfectly colorful micropipe with your Perfect blend!

Customers can purchase The Perfect Companion 5-Piece Micropipe Set for $20. In celebration of the launch, customers can take advantage of micropipe set + flower blends specials at

For more information on Perfect or to request a sample pack of The Perfect Companion or any of Perfect’s blends, contact Chapter 2:

Claire Taylor | [email protected]

Tyra Humphrey | [email protected]


Perfect introduces a line of terpene-rich, live resin infused flower-based cannabis products developed with the goal of creating the most consistent fresh effects seen in the market. Built on science and perfected through proprietary formulated blends, where the highest quality ingredients are combined to create a truly consistent product that delivers every time.