The Yes On 820 Campaign Celebrates the Closing of Protest Period!

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OKLAHOMA CITY — Today marked the completion of the 10-day protest period, required by statute, for State Question 820.  Four frivolous challenges were filed during the protest period. The Yes on 820 Campaign continues to remain optimistic that the Oklahoma Supreme Court will act swiftly to dismiss the seemingly politically motivated challenges, and let the people vote.

Quote: “We remain confident that State Question 820 has enough time, valid signatures, and support to be printed on the November ballot. We believe the Court will act quickly to dismiss these half-baked challenges aimed at thwarting Oklahomans’ right to vote on State Question 820 this November,” said Campaign Director Michelle Tilley. “I would also remind our challengers that Oklahomans do not take kindly to folks trying to take away our rights, and the state has severe penalties for filing lawsuits that waste everyone’s time.”


What Happens Next: The Oklahoma Supreme Court will rule on all four challenges as is customary for every citizen-led initiative petition. It will also determine if State Question 820 will appear on the November 2022 ballot or at a later election. The Court has the constitutional authority to quickly dismiss all four challenges and order State Question 820 printed on the 2022 general election ballot, potentially all in the same ruling.

Quote: “The end of the protest period marks an important milestone for the campaign and Oklahoma voters,” said Senior Campaign Advisor Ryan Kiesel. “We respectfully urge the Supreme Court to use its constitutional authority to protect our right to vote and end these political games. Over 117,000 Oklahoman voters – Republicans, Libertarians, Democrats, and Independents from all 77 counties – signed this petition. We have a right to vote on State Question 820 in 54 days on Tuesday, November 8, 2022, and our rights should not be thwarted by obvious delay tactics from special interest groups.”

Once enacted, State Question 820 will:

Legalize, regulate, and tax cannabis production for adults ages 21 and over.

Increase state and local funding for schools, healthcare, and other critical services.

Protect the public health and safety of all Oklahomans.

Provide common sense criminal justice reform and expungement for low-level marijuana offenses.

Defend the rights and civil liberties of patients and adult consumers.

Increase revenue for existing, fully compliant medical marijuana businesses with limited licensing opportunities for the program’s first two years.

Oklahoma voters can learn more about State Question 820 and support the campaign by visiting or following their social media accounts