Owens Corning Introduces VidaWool™ Mineral Wool Growing Medium to Horticulture Sector at MJBizCon

Owens Corning Introduces VidaWool™ Mineral Wool Growing Medium to Horticulture Sector and Expands on Legacy of Mineral Wool Innovation Engineered to support consistency, precision and repeatability, harvest after harvest Owens Corning, a market leader in mineral wool, is applying its expertise in material innovation to the horticulture sector. VidaWool™, made by Owens Corning, is a mineral wool growing media designed to deliver consistency, precision and repeatability for growers across North America.

Equipped with Hydro-Extend™ water dispersion technology, VidaWool™ is intelligently designed to optimize the distribution of water, and the nutrients it contains, throughout the plant. The technology is based on more than a half-century of research on mineral wool and rock wool and their behavioral properties in different applications. From a sustainability perspective, Owens Corning applied its world-renowned focus on sustainability to VidaWool™, incorporating 70% recycled content into every plug, block and slab.


One of the most intriguing performance attributes of mineral wool is its versatility. Mineral wool can be produced to take on desired performance properties based on the application. For example, mineral wool is particularly adaptable when it comes to its hydro-physical properties such as absorbing or repelling water. These performance attributes informed development of the Hydro-Xtend™ water dispersion technology. “With the introduction of VidaWool™, Owens Corning is applying material science to the challenges cultivators face in real-world growing conditions,” says Tom Blaine, market development leader, Horticulture at Owens Corning.

Complementing the science, VidaWool™ is supported by a network of horticultural experts who offer consulting and guidance relevant to growers and their operations. This network of experts provided insight and expertise into the product’s design and worked with growers to understand and address challenges in the field. Consistency, precision and repeatability were key concerns uncovered in conversations with growers and suppliers.

Manufactured and distributed in North America, VidaWool™ provides growers with a dependable supply chain across the value chain. Growers don’t have to worry about growing media availability issues disrupting their operations. Growing media is available when it is needed through a vetted network of industry partners.

In conversations with stakeholders across the industry, three topics came up again and again: consistency, precision and repeatability. These attributes are engineered into the material profile of VidaWool™:


  • Even water dispersion to optimize nutrient availability
  • Predictable water retention informs precision of nutrient delivery
  • Engineered to reduce “light blight,” and the proliferation of algae and pathogenic bacteria
  • Efficient water use
  • North American manufacturing and distribution for a consistent supply


  • Guesswork is eliminated when it comes to planting
  • Plug-and-play design eases clone insertion and transitions
  • Slab design eliminates cutting and scoring
  • System approach ensures harvest efficiency


  • Validated to support confidence in plant quality season after season
  • Growing media system supports repeatable and efficient cultivation
  • Tested and evaluated by scientists and independent researchers, VidaWool™ is supported by a network of experts dedicated to consistency, precision and repeatability, harvest after harvest.

More information about VidaWool™ is available at vidawool.com.