Weed Delivery App Emjay Launches Massive California Expansion

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LOS ANGELES – Emjay, a fully-vertical cannabis delivery and retail company with operations in California, today announced two massive zone expansions to reach millions of new customers surrounding the San Francisco and Los Angeles areas. The San Francisco expansion into the larger Bay Area increases Emjay’s delivery zone in the region by 200%, while the Los Angeles expansion into Long Beach makes that delivery zone over 150% larger.

These delivery zone extensions follow a record year for Emjay which has seen revenue climb 170% from January 2021 to August 2021. The company plans on hiring more than 50 additional full-time (W-2) drivers to service these zones to guarantee quick, quality and trustworthy delivery experiences.


“Thanks to everyone who’s supported us over the last two years, Emjay is growing rapidly and we’re well on our way to reaching our goal of offering convenient and cost-effective cannabis to all residents of California, and eventually across the United States,” said Emjay CEO Chris Vaughn. “Although San Francisco and Los Angles are known as two of the largest markets for cannabis consumption globally, lots of cannabis enthusiasts in these areas are living outside of major metropolitan city centers.

We are very excited to offer Emjay delivery to millions of new households.”

With these regional expansions, customers will be able to order premium flower, vapes, pre-rolls, edibles, concentrates, and accessories for delivery in towns like Long Beach, Orange County, Lynwood, Novato, San Rafael, Berkeley, Hayward, Fremont, San Jose, Mountain View, San Clemente, Carlsbad, Temecula, and many more.

With Emjay, customers can use the new iOS App or web browser to browse the menu and shop seven days a week from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. Emjay offers free 60-minute and pre-scheduled delivery with real time tracking.

About Emjay

Launched in early 2019, Emjay is the leading California-based cannabis delivery and retail platform dedicated to creating the best cannabis shopping experience for consumers. Emjay – which has retail locations in Los Angeles and La Mesa

California – offers a broader selection than its competitors, available for immediate and scheduled delivery, at prices that match or beat competing dispensaries and services.

Emjay’s primary focus is on building consumer trust. It does this through white glove customer service, curating a wide-ranging menu of premium cannabis products, and being highly selective in its courier onboarding and training. As one

of the only vertically integrated retail and delivery platforms, Emjay owns and operates all its own infrastructure, allowing them to offer incredible pricing and better service to its customers. “All of the weed. None of the markup.” You can shop at heyemjay.com