5 Trimming Items for the Harvest Season

cannabis trimming mg Retailer
cannabis trimming mg Retailer

Unfortunately, cannabis does not trim itself. Trimming can be long and tedious work, but it is necessary if you want to fill your shelves with flower and products. Although it is not the ideal job, check out these 5 essential items that you’ll need to start turning cannabis into cash!

Greenthumb pro trimmers mg Retailer
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Greenthumbpro Trimmers


It all starts with trimmers. These fairly priced trimmers from Greenthumbpro are perfect to carve out the perfect buds. They have soft grips to reduce any pain your hand may feel after a long day of trimming. The blades are made from sharp stainless steel and require little effort to use.


cannabis scissor cleaning solution
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Pro 420 Trimmer Cleaning Solution

Long hours spent trimming buds results in sticky, resin filled trimmers. This makes it nearly impossible to continue using them. Dip your trimming scissors into the sponge and your blade will quickly work like new again. Pro 420 uses an ISO alcohol based with hemp oil to lubricate the trimmers.

Pro420 Trimmer Cleaning Solution

Honey Bee Trim Tray mg Retailer
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Heavy Harvest Trim Tray

If you are going to be doing all of this trimming, then you’ll need something to catch all of your clippings in. The Heavy Harvest Trim Tray is extremely light and is ideal for keeping right on your lap as you sculpt beautiful buds. This tray’s screens are made from stainless steel and will also filter out pollen.

Kush Bottle Glove mg Retailer
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Kush Supply Bud Gloves

Cannabis is smoked, eaten, vaped, and applied to the skin. This means customers do not want any unnecessary additives, like sweat from your bare hands touching it. Kush Supply Bud Gloves are perfect to ensure cleanliness.

Kush Supply Co.

ball mason jar mg Retailer
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Ball Mason Jar

So you’ve cut the perfect buds and are ready for the next step. But, you’ll need something to store them in. Ball mason jars are popular and perfect for storing buds. You’ve probably seen them everywhere so you can be sure they have a strong track record.