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Nestled quietly in the foothills of Mountain View, California, neighbor to some of the biggest and most successful technology companies and start-ups that occupy the low rise buildings off Highway 101, the AEssense offices, a low-key beige affair just yards from Google HQ, are alive with good news. “The AEtrium-4 yielded almost 2.75 pound of dried bud versus the 1.5 pound per light industry average. That’s 83% more than what the average grower is producing,” quips CEO Bob Chen, an electrical engineer by training. Their new AEtrium-4 is a modular and scalable turn-key controlled growth product and is the first turn-key aeroponic growth system.  This is a lot to digest in an industry that is highly visual and does not have an early adopter mindset. But seeing is believing and the latest yield per light is attention grabbing—even by grower standards. Chen hasn’t always been so sanguine about entering the cannabis marketplace. Just a year ago, the company felt like they were the geekiest guys in the room at industry trade shows but the market has caught up at quickly. Now, scientists and engineers are comma place at conferences. “The landscape has evolved rapidly in the last 12 months alone: more business people from other industries are crossing over to the cannabis sector and bringing their financial resources and expertise with them,” Chen notes. And AEssense is on a hiring binge, scouring the landscape for more engineers and managers to keep up with demand. At the helm of AEssense is a core cadre of RAE Systems alumni led by Chen, who has built and sold prior high tech companies to Hewlett Packard and Honeywell. This has all led to the insurgent AEtrium-4. Cultivators can now optimize the growth of any crop, increasing cultivation efficiency and allowing for crops to be grown perfectly, anywhere, anytime due to the remote control device developed by AEssense. AEtrium-4 provides precise environmental control that enables cultivators to change one variable at a time, documenting which environmental conditions affect specific physiological processes by flawlessly recreating the growth environment. Chen saw the future a ways back: He anticipated the need for cleaner, more efficient food production coupled with the emerging legal cannabis market. And how’s the market treating AEssense and their AEtrium-4? “Demand has been stronger than expected but it’s also been an education process,” Chen says. “However, even the savviest of consultants have been impressed and realize we are the real thing. They are thinking ‘Hey, these Silicon Valley guys can really grow—in a clean room and all.’”


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*Casey Connell, owner of Contender Gardens, Seattle
“Most of us (in Washington state) are limited to a certain canopy space allowance or square feet of a cannabis cultivation operation.  The AEssense grow platform allows the grower to stream line work flow and secure overhead at the lowest rate possible. When you look at the long term survival of a cultivator in this industry, this becomes one of the most important factors to longevity.”

*Brian Martin, CEO, Emerald City Cultivation, LLC, Seattle
“Technology is triggering big changes in the way marijuana is grown. Proper use of technology allows cultivation facilities to lower costs, boost yields and maximize production capacity.  Cultivation facilities who stick with traditional methods will lose out. AEssense’s modular and scalable hydroponic systems will not only provide real-time monitoring and control capabilities, but they also help us control & ultimately reduce our water consumption which dramatically reduces our cost on nutrients.”

*Tim Cullen, CEO of the Colorado Harvest Company and co-founder of O.pen Vape
“The emergence of companies like AEssense is an example of this marketplace growth. In states that have legalized cannabis there is a demand for a product that is efficient and elegant and AEssense’s grow platforms meets those criteria.”

*Corey Barnette, CEO of District Growers, Washington D.C.
“Because so few growers embrace new technologies, solutions provided by companies like AEssense can often times act as significant positive disruptors and offer huge competitive advantages within the industry.”

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