5 Hard Goods That Are Great For July

Pollen Gear
Pollen Gear

Pollen Gear

The Pollen Gear glass collection is not only a design star, but also child-resistant and a great way to display and store flower. The air-tight, smell-proof glass preserves freshness and allows for a longer shelf life.



Kandy Pens, vape, Products, cannabisKandy Pens: Elite

Kandy Pens’ newest launch is a high-powered wax pen replete with a temperature-controlled battery, two atomizers, and a cool carrying case that will fit into a pocket, purse, or small carrying case. Extra bonus: A thick layer of paint—3 coats—makes the finish extra-durable.


World Piece, cannabis, productsWorld Piece Bamboo Tray

Measuring 12.75 inches by 9.5 inches, this bamboo tray from Cheech & Chong has it all: looks, one mini dabit card, one mini dugout, one magnetic grinder card, two non-stick silicone containers, one non-stick silicone pad, and one magnetic lid.


Nova, cannanbis, productsNOVA Decarboxylator

Decarboxylation done wrong can lead to uncertain reactions to medicine and general confusion for patients trying to dose at home. NOVA™ maximizes cannabinoid availability for those who like to smoke or vaporize; it also activates available cannabinoids for edibles, extracts, or tinctures. Holds 14g to an ounce of flower.


Inda Pipe, cannabis, productsInda Pipe Necklace

Designed by founder Caroline Mauro, this groovy necklace hangs on a vintage brass chain and magically transforms into a smoking pipe. The hand-assembled beauty is perfect for the fashionable, on-the-go smoker. Made in Vermont.