5 Cold Cannabis Beverages to Enjoy While it is Still Summer

Screen Shot 2017 08 24 at 12.43.43 PM
Screen Shot 2017 08 24 at 12.43.43 PM

We know that summer may soon be coming to an end, but its not over yet. For anyone living out west, there has been an epic heat wave to remind us of that. But next weekend is Labor Day and you may want to check out these 5 Cannabis Cold Beverages to cool yourself down on this holiday!

Marijuana Infused DrinksLegal by Mirth Provisions


Mirth Provisions has created a great line of cannabis infused drinks. They utilize locally sourced ingredients for their products. Legal is a tasty drink that mixes carbonation and fruit. Legal comes in five flavors including Pomegranate, Lemon Ginger, Rainier Cherry, Cranberry, and Coffee Mocha. As Mirth says, “Legal “pairs well with music festivals, house parties, and riding through the clouds on the back of a mythological beast.”




Marijuana Infused DrinksSprig

We have been fans of this tasty infused drink for a long time. Simply put, Sprig tastes exactly how you think it would, like a tasty soda. But taste is not the only concern for this beverage maker. Sprig aims to provide a fun experience without overpowering consumers.



Marijuana Infused DrinksJane’s Brew Sweet Tea

Jane’s Brew may be known for their infused coffee, but they certainly aren’t limited to it. Their line of bottled teas come in Sweet Tea, Green Tea, and Tropical Passion. Jane’s Brew utilizes CO2 extracted cannabis oil created from fresh ground buds and is fast acting so you won’t have to wait long to enjoy it.



Marijuana Infused DrinksCanna Quencher From VCC

VCC’s line of cold drinks are some of the most recognizable in the cannabis industry. Their Canna Quencher line of drinks includes 10 different flavors. The Strawberry Lemonade Cannabis Quencher is their most popular flavor and has is ideal for a BBQ or a day at the beach.


Marijuana Infused DrinksLiving CBD Water

Of course, water is always the best way to beat the heat. Living CBD water claims to use “CBD and Nutrients and puts them through a process using Nano Technology which, Nano sizes them into tiny particles, one millionth of their size.” This process is aimed at having nano particles enter your system more quickly. While we are not scientists, we do know that CBD and water do help us feel better.