Défoncé’s Sweet Success

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“We didn’t want to be compared to any other edible. We wanted to be better,” said Molly Clark, founder and chief executive officer of Défoncé (the French verb for “higher”). Her first priority: recruit chocolatiers from the gourmet chocolate industry. Second, she sourced sustainable and responsible ingredients. When the first bars came out of the kitchen, she knew they were on to something because the “matching flavors of different ingredients” forged a “unique flavor profile” that clearly created “a higher level of quality” than anything she had tasted before.

“People deserve better,” she noted. “So, with a creative and fresh look, we’re proudly offering what is undoubtedly California’s best-tasting cannabis-infused chocolate. With amazing gourmet ingredients and the cleanest cannabis extract available, we’re offering a unique experience in the edibles industry.”


The chocolate is double lab-tested. The cannabis extract is sourced from a single source and made from pure sativa-hybrid Blue Dream through CO2 extraction. Defonce use only Clean Green Certified cannabis concentrate.

Immediately after launching in July 2015, Clark began to get bites from dispensaries in California.

“We are currently in 30 dispensaries,” Clark said.

Of course, you can’t talk about Défoncé without mentioning the company’s eye-catching and elegant design and packaging. The bars would look at home in Whole Foods stores.

“We strongly feel our chocolate is the best-tasting on the market, so we had to make sure our packaging met that expectation. So, like our chocolate, we sourced the best materials, practices, and people to design the packaging,” Clark said.

"We're proudly offering what is undoubtedly California's best-tasting cannabis-infused chocolate." -Molly Clark, Defonce founder
“We’re proudly offering what is undoubtedly California’s best-tasting cannabis-infused chocolate.” -Molly Clark, Defonce founder

Popcorn: Dark bittersweet chocolate with half-popped popcorn, pretzels, and kettle chips. Seventy percent cacao; 180mg THC.

Coffee: Rich milk chocolate with Dutch caramel waffles and roasted coffee beans. Fifty-three percent cacao; 180mg THC.

Hazlenut: Dark bittersweet chocolate mixed with cacao nibs, organic hazelnuts, and toasted sweet baguette.

Mint: Malty milk chocolate swirled with peppermint dark chocolate pieces. Thirty-nine percent cacao; 180mg THC.

For wholesale orders: DefonceChocolatier.com