N2 Packaging Can Increase The Shelf Life Of Cannabis


“The idea came from David Sibley,” said N2 Packaging SystemsKendall Jorgensen, a former craft-cannabis grower in Southern Oregon. “He had been running a business that sold nitrogen-preserved foods and ammunition for emergency preparedness.” Sibley immediately saw the opportunity to introduce his preservation technology to increase cannabis shelf life and contacted Jorgensen’s business partner. Jorgensen saw a packaging revolution

“I believe it is the future of cannabis packaging,” noted Jorgensen. “The metal can is the best means to achieve a moisture barrier, while also being crush-proof and tamper evident.”

Then there is the red-hot issue of shelf life. Often, the flowers in dispensaries are way too dry and stale, usually due to poor packaging or handling. Locking in the perfect moisture level vital in order to maintain keep the product from drying out or re-moistening.


“As far as being able to maintain a modified atmosphere with nitrogen, you really have to use metal,” said Jorgensen. “Plastics are gas-permeable, so the nitrogen will escape, even if sealed. Plus, the metal can is the most recyclable consumer packaging product.”

In order to expand more rapidly, N2 must overcome equipment hurdles. Jorgensen thinks the company finally has the issue sorted out: N2 Packaging is preparing to place systems in California, Colorado, and Washington with strategic partners.

“So far, the main concern of the customer is being able to see what they are buying,” noted Jorgensen. “We call it the ‘see it, touch it, feel it’ factor. That is mostly the result of how things have been in the past, but as state laws progress, it seems all cannabis eventually will be pre-packaged.”

When that day comes, will N2’s products be the primary way cannabis is stored and sold?

“We and many behind us believe there is nothing superior to the nitrogen-preserved can,” Jorgensen said. “It isn’t going to be as cheap an option as a baggie or Mylar, but the price point shouldn’t determine the quality of the experience you pass on to your customers.”

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Nitrogen preservation is a standard in the food industry when inert atmosphere and pressurized vessels are necessary. Oxygen, a very reactive molecule, causes most perishable items to go stale. So, eliminating oxidation gives any cannabis producer an advantage when it comes to storing their product. The three main cannabis-degrading factors are heat, oxygen, and water content. The N2 cans are able to secure the perfect moisture level by replacing the oxygen with the nitrogen and hermetically sealing the vessel, thereby increasing shelf life.

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