The Terpene Profiler Can Replicate Your Strain

oren vape kitchen
oren vape kitchen

If you are looking for an aroma/flavor system to replicate your strain or want to purchase pre-compounded terpene blends, look no further than the Vape Kitchen.

What’s your background?
I left high school early and enrolled in culinary school. After graduation, I ended up doing three months as an apprentice at Campanille/La Brea Bakery and then landed a gig at Michel Richard’s Citrus. This was where I developed a love for wine. I quickly took to it and came to find that my sense of smell and ability to identify grape vintages was unusually adept. I then went to work for my uncle, who had purchased a small lotion company, where I began formulating gels, lotions, and bath products. A friend of mine had an early e-liquid device he was puffing on and, I looked at the liquid inside and realized it was basically the same thing as my flavored lotions.

When did the Vape Kitchen launch?
The Vape Kitchen began about a year after I first started producing e-liquid. I formulated five flavors and exhibited them at a trade show in Las Vegas. People were going ape-shit over my product.


Now you are conquering terpenes.
I’m finding my strength as a chef and flavorist translates perfectly to cannabis. I can pulverize a bud in my hand, smell it, and recreate its terpene structure accurately with my nose. My nose is yielding better results than a lab report. I’m putting back what man has removed from nature during the extraction and distillation process.

As a brand, you can expect to see the Vape Kitchen front and center in uniquely flavored THC e-liquid products and consumables. I feel we’ll be an even larger asset to companies looking for development, private labeling, and flavor solutions.

What’s your process in the kitchen?
Well, each flavor and strain is truly bespoke. The source material of the oil is important. Each company or producer has their own method of extraction and supply of raw material, resulting in a different colored “canvas” to paint on. I formulate my flavors and terpene profiles to work with the source material and not around it or on top of it. I want to take that oil back to tasting like a perfectly cured bag of flower.

Is your nose/palette a result of nature or nurture?
I think it was a combination of both. My father was originally from Morocco. I grew up eating unconventionally. I think my soul appreciates the honesty and power of smell and taste. When we taste and smell, we are immediately delivered a message. It can be joyous, traumatic, emotive, passionate or all of this at once.

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