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2021 Cannabis Retail Strategies

As we settle into 2021, cannabis’s essential designation is old news. Likewise, cannabis consumers’ rapid shift toward online pre-orders, curbside pickup, and delivery is...
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7/10 Dab Day Roundup: Fun Finds for Cannabis Oil Holiday

Dab doers, concentrate connoisseurs, and honey oil lovers—it’s your big day! July 10, aka 7/10 or OIL Day (because “710” turned upside down looks...

Lowell Cafe Is Now The Original Cannabis Cafe

WEST HOLLYWOOD, Calif. -- A historic, first-of-its-kind restaurant, The Original Cannabis Cafe (@OGCannabisCafe), formerly known as Lowell Cafe, is evolving from being associated...
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10 Products for Cannabis Dab Day on July 10

The cannabis industry is so new, it’s creating its own holidays and special events on the fly, flying high on response from consumers. Market...