About: Green Affiliates


Green Affiliates is an affiliate marketing program built for the cannabis industry.
Because cannabis affiliate marketing is unique, we’ve built a platform that brings cannabis affiliates together with cannabis brands. Inside, your unique experiences empower your earnings.

A Little Bit About Us

Green Affiliates is a world marketing leader within the cannabis industry. We are located in Vancouver, BC, and we partner with some of the most influential Northern American brands. Our platform enables influencers and merchants to form a beneficial relationship with product revenue for both.


Mission of the company

With so many positive benefits of cannabis, we want to make it easy for consumers to find the best products.  Through our method of cannabis affiliate marketing, cannabis companies of all sizes can reach the right buyer communities, and expert influencers within cannabis get to find the best merchants to promote.

Goals of the company

Our goal is to make it easy for cannabis brands to find and utilize quality, expert influencers for cannabis affiliate marketing. We do all of this through a transparent process that is fair to both merchants and affiliates.

Company Website: https://www.greenaffiliates.com/