400-Year Paper Pioneer Enters Cannabis

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ALPHARETTA, Ga. – Schweitzer-Mauduit International, Inc. (“SWM” or the “Company”) (NYSE: SWM), is pleased to announce the launch of Botani, a premium hemp and botanical solutions business delivering innovative hemp wraps, fillers, and rolling/pre-roll papers to the natural fibers industry. Manufacturers who wish to accelerate the delivery of premium, elevated experiences to their customers will benefit from Botani’s product research and development expertise acquired from over 400 years within the natural fiber, specialty paper and tobacco industries.

Alex Boone, Botani’s Managing Director, commented on the company’s use of premium hemp for the natural fibers industry.


“Leveraging SWM’s paper industry experience and expertise in the tobacco industry, Botani knows how to remain relevant in evolving and highly regulated markets. Botani’s goal is to be a trusted, innovative partner, and help manufacturers scale effectively with cutting-edge products.”

Botani’s product offerings include:

  • Hemp Wrappers: Botani’s hemp wrappers are self-adhering for blunt applications and moisture optimized for slow burning, safe storage and an extended shelf-life.
  • Hemp Fillers: Botani’s hemp-based botanical products can be infused with active ingredients.  Alternative product manufacturers can add Hemp Fillers to scale effectively in the rapidly growing pre-roll market or non-tobacco alternatives segment.
  • Rolling and Pre-Roll Papers:  Botani provides fully customizable Rolling and Pre-Roll papers to differentiate the brand experience using hemp and natural fibers.

Boone also commented on the company’s three pillars in supporting product manufacturers. “First, Botani understands the journey and commitment of the industry’s manufacturers and market leaders. We enter this space to provide paper expertise gleaned from hundreds of years in tobacco product production. Second, Botani is committed to innovative engagements with product manufacturers to deliver paper products in a rapidly evolving market. The third pillar involves helping our customers grow through premium hemp paper products and technology which deliver a consistent, elevated experience.”

About Botani

Botani is a premium hemp and botanical solutions business delivering innovative hemp wraps, fillers, and rolling/pre-roll papers to the natural fibers industry. As a part of paper milling pioneer SWM, Botani inherits over 400 years of history in paper and natural fiber technology. From craft manufacturers to large-scale MSOs, Botani redefines premium natural fibers product manufacturing with customizable and scalable offerings for businesses looking to deliver an elevated consumer experience. Botani’s time-tested sustainable processes reconstitute hemp into fillers, produce rolling papers, and create natural hemp wrappers which allow brands to scale quickly without compromising quality. For further information, please visit Botani’s website at www.botani.com.

About SWM

SWM is a leading global performance materials company, focused on bringing best-in-class innovation, design, and manufacturing

solutions to our customers. Our highly engineered films, adhesive tapes, foams, nets, nonwovens, and papers are designed and manufactured using resins, polymers, and natural fibers for a variety of industries and specialty applications. SWM and its subsidiaries

manufacture on four continents, conduct business in over 90 countries and employ approximately 5,000 people worldwide. For further information, please visit SWM’s website at www.swmintl.com.

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