Black Market Group Taps Hip Hop Artist Rakim to Host Epic Launch Party “Smoke in the City” in NYC on 4/20

Smoke in the City Launch Party Flyer

“New York, ya out there?” These iconic lyrics from Rakim’s 1997 track by the same name come full circle as the Empire State launched recreational cannabis use this year. Rakim Allah, the legendary Long Island-born MC, is to host 4/20 at SOB’s in Lower Manhattan at the Black Market Group brand launch celebration.

Black Market Group (BMG – @blackmarketcertified), together with INFMS Farms (@infmsfarms) are heading to New York City to celebrate the official launch of the respective brands, highlighting the intrinsic bond between hip-hop and cannabis culture with a Big Apple-based bash on every cannasseur’s favorite holiday, 4/20.


The female-founded Black Market Group will officially launch at the 4/20 event, furthering the cannabis veterans’ footprint in the industry. BMG has cultivated strong relationships with “legacy” cannabis farms and cannabis aficionados from the world of hip-hop to cultivate mutually beneficial partnerships within a vertically-integrated ecosystem.

“We’re so excited to blend the best parts of the Legacy Cali cannabis culture with the legends of the NY hip hop scene. Our 4/20 event is going to mark the beginning of Black Market Certified and our mission in preserving The Culture.” says founder Annick Goldsmith.

Black Market Group is a cannabis brand house created to preserve the legacy of artists, farmers, and various brands within cannabis while creating dynamic environments that build up small operators. Home to a group of brands that each individually have their own identity, BMG amplifies brands that place the culture at their center. Hosted by the legendary Rapper and American Producer RAKIM, he has been an avid cannabis consumer throughout his career and is sharing his message with the New York Market. As music is a form of RAKIM’s expression, cannabis is his way of further expanding his expressions, advocating for cannabis benefits throughout his career.

“Legacy means that you did something that mattered, that what you did had substance and that people gravitated toward it, and all of that comes from having a good product,” says Rakim adding, “ Together with Black Market Group, we are sharing this legacy with the globe.”

The Black Market Group 4/20 event begins on Wednesday, April 20th, 2022 at 6 pm at SOB’s (Sounds of Brazil – in the Hudson Square district of Lower Manhattan, with General Admission and VIP tickets on sale now on SOB’s website. In an exclusive VIP session beginning at 6 pm, the one and only SmokeChamps (@therealsmokechamps), will host a live taping of the SmokeChamps Podcast, an uncensored conversation that discusses everything cannabis and culture.

Established in 1982, Sounds of Brazil is an iconic live music venue in Manhattan that has recently hosted contemporary superstars such as Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Kanye, Justin Timberlake, and more. SOB’s serves as the perfect setting to honor RAKIM’s legacy and create a platform for the culture to experience first hand. The lively setting will ensure all attendees feel the high vibrations, enjoy live music from artists from the “golden age of hip hop”, and learn firsthand about purpose-driven cannabis brands rooted in earned respect and legacy.

New York is the birthplace of hip hop and the culture at its roots. Once the regulated cannabis market in New York takes hold, it has the potential to become a global leader in the industry. Great cannabis, like great music, can be found from coast to coast and BMG is bringing those two worlds together like never before.

As the date approaches for the Black Market Group 4/20 celebration, we are elated to offer the opportunity for you to connect with Annick Goldsmith from BMG, Rakim, and Big Twins from INFMS Farms.


Black Market Group (@blackmarketcertified) is synonymous with culture. As a women-led, purpose-driven cannabis brand house created by industry veterans, BMG is on a mission to build and preserve the legacy of artists, farmers, and various brands within cannabis while creating dynamic environments that build up smaller operators in the space. Based in Northern California and with deep relationships and understanding of the cannabis culture, BMG is able to manage and support these brands in various capabilities including growing, cultivation, extraction, manufacturing, distribution and sales – creating a business model that is authentic, with their own voice and on their own terms.