California Cannabis Association Selects BioTrackTHC as Seed-to-Sale Software

Fort Lauderdale, FL. (November 20, 2018) – The California Cannabis Authority (CCA) has announced BioTrackTHC as the first approved seed-to-sale software vendor for its 6 member counties: Humboldt, Mendocino, Yolo, San Luis Obispo, Inyo, and Monterey, with more counties expected to join. BioTrackTHC, a Helix TCS, Inc. company (OTCQB:HLIX), provides cannabis track and trace solutions for growers, manufacturers, distributors, and dispensary point of sale systems that are now CCA-approved.
CCA member counties are working together to form a cannabis data platform to equip local governing bodies with tools for oversight, enforcement, compliance, and regulatory optimization. Licensed cannabis businesses within the CCA’s member counties are required to utilize an approved software solution that integrates with the CCA’s platform. By being the first approved software vendor, BioTrackTHC is uniquely able to provide licensees in Northern California’s production epicenter with a compliant tracking solution for both their local and state government.
The current CCA member counties comprise the majority of California’s famed Emerald Triangle, a world-renowned cannabis production region made famous for its high-quality cannabis. The CCA was formed to develop and manage a statewide data platform that will gather, collect, and analyze information from a myriad of data sources into one resource, to help local governments ensure cannabis regulatory compliance and also provide necessary information to financial institutions that wish to work with the cannabis industry.
“We are excited to be the first software system to meet the CCA’s requirements, and we look forward to working with the CCA and California licensees to drive forward their world-class program,“ said Patrick Vo, President and CEO of BioTrackTHC. “California is arguably the largest cannabis economy in the world, and providing what state and local regulators need to do their jobs without impeding the businesses is critical for everyone’s collective success.”

About Helix TCS, Inc.
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