Candre Cannabis, Dope Automation Partner to Provide Co-Packaging Services

Company logos: Candre Cannabis and Dope Automation

CALGARY – Candre Cannabis Inc. (“Candre”) and Dope Automation Ltd. (“Dope”) have entered into a partnership to develop and implement a co-packaging center of excellence focused on cannabis pre-rolls. Based at Candre’s fully licensed Calyptra Cultivation Inc. (“Calyptra”) facility in Sundre, Alberta, the partnership will be one of the first between a Canadian Licensed Producer and a Canadian dealer/distributor of automated packaging machinery for the legal cannabis industry.

“Candre is very excited to introduce this opportunity to the market and leverage Dope’s significant packaging automation expertise. This will also strengthen Candre’s own pre-roll product line which we expect to introduce to the market in 2020,” says Mr. Jesse Beaudry, Candre’s President and CEO.


Under the terms of the agreement, Candre is partnering with Dope to provide third-party, co-packaging services to the regulated cannabis industry utilizing Dope’s highly efficient, cutting-edge, eco-conscious, commercial-grade equipment. The partnership will be able to provide comprehensive services to the emerging cannabis market in a brand new, fully licensed facility completely staffed with a very strong, qualified and experienced team. “Candre’s execution has been impressive and their team, corporate culture and facility is an excellent fit for what we would like to offer the market,” says Ms. Jessica Jaeger, Dope’s COO.

The co-packaging benefits include:

Reduction of overall costs for third-party customers. The partnership has already made investments in the necessary facilities, equipment, teams, and certifications needed to help micro and standard licensed producers take their pre-roll packaging projects to the next level.

Capitalization on the partnership’s knowledge and experience. The partnership can provide expert guidance on packaging, labelling and distribution, working with customers to create comprehensive solutions.

Warehousing and logistical support. The partnership has the facilities and experience to offer warehousing solutions and can help customers ready their products for shipping or receiving.

Greater use of the partnership’s existing licenses. Candre has already achieved all the steps to license the Calyptra facility, saving time and money.

Increased scalability. The partnership has the facility, teams, and equipment in place to effectively ramp up co-packaging opportunities.

Candre is a fully funded, privately held, licensed producer focused on providing high-quality in-demand cannabis products to those who share our commitment to excellence.
Candre’s Calyptra project located in Sundre, Alberta, is a brand new 43,335 sq. ft. indoor facility built specifically for the production of premium quality cannabis. The facility is designed with 12 completely isolated grow rooms equipped with state-of-the-art technology including 3 tier mobile vertical grow infrastructure which triples the overall cannabis canopy.

Dope is a Canadian dealer/distributor of automated packaging machinery for the legal cannabis industry that is passionate about its business and take pride in ensuring its clients get the best and most current solutions tailored to their needs. Providing its clients with over 20 years experience in packaging automation expertise, its dedicated team of professionals will propose the best solution for client production needs and follow the projects closely from start to finish to ensure maximum line efficiencies and optimizations are met.