Enlighten Becomes First Cannabis Provider To List Data on AWS Data Exchange

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. Enlighten, a leading cannabis technology company, today announced it has become the first cannabis company to have data listed on AWS Data Exchange, a service from Amazon Web Services (AWS) that makes it easy to find, subscribe to, and use third-party data in the cloud. The first batch of data went live on AWS Data Exchange earlier this year. Through this relationship, AWS Data Exchange will become the primary source to access Enlighten’s vital industry data. Together, the companies will allow millions of AWS customers to have direct access to data on the fast-growing legal cannabis industry.

Enlighten’s unique retail insights feature data aggregated through TrafficWise, the company’s proprietary audience measurement device for its TV ad network. TrafficWise was initially developed to verify impression counts for each ad play and has accrued over 1 billion anonymized customer visits across retail locations throughout the country.  Following its recent SmartHub launch, Enlighten now boasts one of the largest technical ecosystems in the cannabis industry and unique data sets derived from this network.


“Through years of operating as a leading technology company in the cannabis space, Enlighten has amassed a vast amount of valuable intelligence and seeks out industry partners that can derive great value from our data through AI and machine learning,” said Jeff Such, Chief Information Officer of Enlighten. “AWS Data Exchange already provides the ideal platform to transact with existing data providers in a standard, compliant and secure manner, and Enlighten is eager to offer its proprietary and collaborative data sets to new subscribers.”

Enlighten’s participation in AWS Data Exchange can benefit both mainstream and cannabis companies, including business intelligence and software providers aiming to enhance their retail analytics suites, and finance and market research firms looking to enrich big data sets in the industry.

“Despite the fact that cannabis is a multibillion-dollar industry, there is still a noticeable shortage in functional retail data,” said Jeff Such. “Demand for data will only increase as the legalization movement gains more traction and we are proud to offer proactive solutions to analytics providers and researchers who are hungry for serviceable insights.”

AWS customers can now request access to Enlighten cannabis data sets through AWS Marketplace. Click here to see the available products on AWS Data Exchange.

About Enlighten
Enlighten is a leading cannatech company that specializes in retail and marketing solutions. Through its SMARTHUB ecosystem, Enlighten powers intelligent tools to reach various consumer touchpoints. Whether it’s managing the customer retail experience or leveraging tools to plan, execute or measure marketing campaigns. Enlighten has the best in class suite of products and services, including an ad network powered by our cannabis data management platform, POS-integrated content management system, ordering platform, hardware and software.

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