Enlighten Unveils SmartHub 2.0 Improving Menu and Order Management System

Enlighten today unveiled Enlighten SmartHub 2.0 to help level the technological playing field for all cannabis tech companies and usher in a new era of seamless integration and consolidation. With its collection of powerful information tools, including outgoing synchronous inventory API, an incoming real-time order API, Queue Boards for customers and order fulfillment software for dispensaries alongside new support tools; Enlighten SmartHub 2.0 eliminates hurdles for cannabis dispensaries, multi-state operators, and cannabis technology companies while improving the experience for the end customer.

“The Enlighten SmartHub platform provides essential tools used by the world’s top cannabis retailers to power their essential consumer touchpoints,” said Jeremy Jacobs, Enlighten’s CEO. “SmartHub 2.0 represents a dynamic shift in how cannabis dispensaries are able to sync all their systems with powerful new tools that improve the cannabis experience for customers and retail staff alike — from customers’ ability to always get what they order and know exactly when their purchase is ready for pickup, to retailers ability to know all listing services, online menus, in-store menus and other consumer touchpoints are up to date and all the orders have come to one central location. We are excited that our platform will eliminate these issues permanently from the cannabis industry.”


Outgoing Real-Time Inventory API

Dispensaries, multi-state operators and cannabis technology companies using Enlighten’s Outgoing Real-Time Inventory API can rely on inventory data being up to date with precise inventory levels at all times. The API provides the ability to update your menu data across a massive list of existing integrations with Enlighten SmartHub. This API solves the issue that small batch products sold at extremely high velocity have created. Because inventory disappears so rapidly, it causes eCommerce sites, listing services, delivery services, in-store kiosks, in-store TV menus, drive-thru menus and all other places that it’s critical for menu data to be updated from being accurate at all times. 

Now companies large and small can keep any system that relies on this data updated. The frustration felt by both staff and customers when out of stock products are displayed is now eliminated. The end result being a seamless experience for customers creating return visits and driving per ticket prices higher as is found in retailers with superior customer experiences.

Incoming Order API

The new order consolidation API enables all orders from all platforms to show up in one consolidated and easy to use interface. This solves the issue of having to manually check and juggle between different platforms to keep from running late or missing an order entirely.

The benefits of consolidating all orders to a single display system isn’t just felt by store operators though. It advances into superior consumer experiences by way of new customer Que Boards keeping customers informed on what’s going on with their order at the point of pickup, all without requiring any staff involvement. These consolidation advancements that allow for interoperability of historically competing consumer touchpoints is no longer a point of friction for the retail partners. Seamless integration with different technology providers has never been easier. 

With Enlighten SmartHub, dispensaries can consolidate orders coming from an unlimited number of sources including internal eCommerce, listing services, delivery services and more.

Global Content Library

Enlighten SmartHub provides dispensary staff with access to its massive entertainment and educational content library that includes video resources for budtenders to help educate customers that result in budtenders being more knowledgeable, which leads to greater customer satisfaction and higher per ticket sales. Customers are more confident in their selections and management has ultimate control over every aspect of what’s playing. 

The menu system has an all new library for popular menu themes. The new simple onboarding questionnaire and massive library allows retailers to make the most stunning menus in the industry with a few clicks of a button. The system allows for ultimate control of detail without requiring any technical knowledge. 

Global Video Library,  in Enlighten SmartHub, is designed to make it easy to control the content and menus in your store

Enhanced Support

The Enhanced Support in Enlighten SmartHub 2.0 provides the best options available when looking to learn all of the features and benefits of the platform. Live Chat gets you the immediate feedback you need in retail dispensaries to push through that project and move onto the next easily with the help of a friendly Enlighten technician. The knowledge base makes it easy to see all the available features and precisely how to use each and every one. And dozens of new Tutorial Videos make it so any user can put Enlighten SmartHub to work for them regardless of their technical skill. 

Enhanced Support includes an all new live chat function, instant screen share for remote support, tons of new video tutorials and an enhanced knowledgebase. 

Performance Enhancements

To keep up with the rapid growth of our user base, Enlighten implemented various performance and architectural enhancements to match the newfound adoption of Enlighten SmartHub. We optimized the handling of inventory items for larger catalogues by adding pagination, enhanced caching and providing an independent API for both the Enlighten SmartHub dashboard and player applications

Enlighten SmartHub 2.0 empowers cannabis retailers to trust in the reliability and uptime of their critical Real-time inventory data

Pricing and Availability

Retail dispensaries can sign up for a free trial of Enlighten SmartHub 2.0 accessing its Customer Que Board, Staff Order Fulfillment Boards, digital signage, digital TV menus and interactive kiosks for more information or complete self-service. Enlighten SmartHub 2.0 API access and pricing is made available to integrations after a technical discovery session to access the needs of these customer applications. For more information, visit getenlightened.io.

About Enlighten

Enlighten revolutionized in-store technology and advertising through the release of its Enlighten SmartHub and AdSuite platforms. Today, Enlighten leads the world in cannabis retail end-to-end marketing solutions designed to attract, retain and delight customers. Enlighten has staff coast to coast dedicated to ensuring the best customer experience. Enlighten provides technology solutions and marketing services to help clients identify, attract and retain new customers, and unlock new opportunities that will increase profitability and help clients gain competitive advantages in the market. Enlighten is the only technology provider offering services that span the breadth of the customer journey and enable clients to reach and influence consumers both inside and outside of the retail environment. Enlighten has a track record of supporting large, complex cannabis companies in their operations across the U.S., providing small and emerging companies with flexible and cost-effective options, and guiding non-cannabis companies looking to reach the cannabis consumer.