Hitoki (https://hitoki.com) is excited to announce the launch of The Hitoki Trident V2, an updated version of their flagship laser combustion smoking device for a cleaner and better tasting smoking experience. The new features include an increased laser burn radius to create an even ignition while keeping the efficiency of the amount of flower being burned. Additionally, the brand added a carb button for a smoother draw by bringing in air from a different area of the device, which enhances the flavor of your favorite flower. This feature also makes it easier to clear the smoke from the water filter by increasing airflow entering the chamber.

Since the brand’s inception in 2019, founders Joe and Jack Tran have thoughtfully listened to customer feedback to improve the Trident smoking experience. The V2 allows you to savor the unique qualities of your flower by avoiding the “burned” flavor with an even ignition. Their signature minimalist design continues to break the stigma behind traditional smoking methods, such as bongs and pipes and can be displayed as an eye-catching centerpiece in the home or office. 


Product Specifications

  1. Increased burn radius for the laser to create a more even ignition
  2. Easy to clear smoke from the water filter with increased airflow
  3. New carb button for a smoother draw
  4. Capable of 280+ draws on a single charge
  5. Designed with a special laser shield that lets you safely view the laser ignition

Customers can purchase the Black and Rose Gold Trident for $499.99 or the 24k Gold Trident for $649.99. For a more customized smoking experience, customers can also switch out the standard silicone hookah hose, and purchase the adjustable silicone mouthpiece for $29.99.