How Legal California Cannabis is Shaping Culinary Arts and Commanding Attention this Summer Festival Season

Herbal chef

(PRESS RELEASE) MALIBU, Calif—HERB, a first-of-its-kind cannabis restaurant by The Herbal Chef™ Christopher Sayegh, will make its debut this August 12-13, in a series of dinner and brunch dining services at the fourth installment of Emerald Exchange—”The Summer of Sun-Grown”—a cannabis farmer’s market and wellness festival.

Michelin-trained chefs leave behind the stuffy confines of the classic kitchen and re-imagine a new style of fine dining, featuring a five-course meal comprised of fresh produce, outstanding culinary talent, and a full sensory experience for the canna-curious foodie.


After years of trial and error, edible after edible, The Herbal Chef team brings guests the perfect balance of cannabis and cuisine as part of a sneak preview to HERB, the first ever brick-and-mortar cannabis restaurant, slotted to open in the LA-area late 2018.

Sayegh, who has a background in molecular science which enables him to understand the chemistry of cannabis, describes the luxury cannabis dining service as a “cerebral experience” meant to introduce more than just a high.

“There are terpene (plant) extracts in my centerpieces creating tantalizing aromas, guests are surrounded by art stimulating thoughtful conversation, so now it becomes an immersive experience where you are present in the dining experience,” says Sayegh. “You’re eating with a different perception with each bite, with each course. You’re literally changing your brain chemistry and you are viewing this food differently than you did five minutes ago, and then ten minutes ago, it’s a journey of sensory pleasures.”

In a captivating atmosphere, this multi-course duet of THC-infusions by Jetty Extracts and gourmet food with kitchen setup by Julabo, all takes place outdoors on a scenic, 17-acre ranch in Malibu, California. Cannabis flower is provided by 3C Farms along with cannabinoid (CBD) water.

Emerald Exchange guests will choose from four separate dining services as festival ticket add-ons, including Saturday Dinners at 6pm and 8pm, and Sunday Brunch at 11am and 1pm.

With full bellies and relaxed bodies, guests will be asked to partake in a post-dinner ‘Decompression Lounge’ sponsored by Fontera and Get Higher Beauty—a concept that will be implemented with playful luxury at the future HERB restaurant, which helps ease the mind and balances everyone before sending them back out into the festival environment to experience everything else Emerald Exchange has to offer.

In a rapidly growing industry (U.S. cannabis sales expected to hit $22.8 billion annually, by 2020), Christopher Sayegh continues to change the landscape for cannabis-infused cuisine worldwide. Sayegh and The Herbal Chef team played an active and vocal role as new California recreational cannabis regulation was being put forth in efforts to pave way for the HERB restaurant reality.

Not only is The Herbal Chef creating a dining experience that is completely new to the culinary world, the team is also setting an industry standard across the globe for what a cannabis restaurant should be. From the systems of operation, to the care of each and every guest, the attention to detail is unprecedented in what can only be known as a landmark in culinary revolution.


Defining the future of elevated ‘Pot Culture’, Christopher Sayegh joins fellow cannabis entrepreneurs, as well as Emerald Exchange co-founders Justin Calvino of the Mendocino Appellations Project, and Michael Katz of EVOXE Laboratories, along with partner and event producer Jessica Cure of Cure Designs.

Emerald Exchange originated from the collective vision of like-minded cannabis lovers and entrepreneurs who wanted to create experiences that not only empower small businesses and promote mindful communities fostering sun-grown organic product, but also celebrate the rich history of the Northern California cannabis movement; simultaneously penetrating mainstream, popular events with a new paradigm and perception of cannabis being fostered today.

For additional interview opportunities with the founders of Emerald Exchange and The Herbal Chef team, imagery from past events, and information on how to obtain VIP media passes to the Emerald Exchange event event, contact [email protected].