Jane Technologies Becomes First Cannabis E-Commerce Platform to Offer Verified Customer Reviews

Logo: Jane Technologies

SANTA CRUZ, Calif. – Jane Technologies, Inc., a retail software company that created the leading online cannabis marketplace, today announced the release of its verified customer review feature across the e-commerce platform.

Only customers who purchase items through Jane’s website will be prompted to leave a product review and share their experience with the platform’s wider community. In a burgeoning industry that still faces a considerable shortage of medical research, these verified reviews can bridge the gap and allow consumers to make informed purchasing decisions. Customers will be able to find products that specifically address their needs by filtering reviews by product effect, such as feeling sleepy, creative or hungry; associated activity, including sleeping and socializing; and overall rating.


Jane’s verified reviews will allow dispensaries and brands to digitally collect consumer feedback in real-time without investing additional resources in focus groups or customer surveys. Companies can then apply this empirical and practical consumer data to make decisions regarding product formulations, marketing strategies and inventory management.

The e-commerce platform has already amassed hundreds of thousands of customer reviews and millions of data points regarding claim information during its beta testing stage. Jane researchers found that potential customers were 45% more likely to purchase a product on the site after reading a review. The company’s 350,000 SKUs that are available across 1,600 retailers will be eligible for review. Product reviews will also only appear on the website after five or more verified reviews to ensure increased accuracy and transparency.

“Jane is tackling a noticeable and problematic lack in trustworthy cannabis customer reviews through its latest verified review feature,” said Socrates Rosenfeld, Co-founder and CEO of Jane Technologies. “We developed this feature to make the industry more transparent and easier to navigate for consumers who are often inundated with conflicting or even misleading information. Customers will now have the tools to empower them to select products that specifically align with their lifestyles and consume these products with peace of mind.”

About Jane Technologies, Inc.
Jane is the cannabis industry’s first fully automated e-commerce solution, powering 1,600+ dispensaries and brands across 31 state markets. Jane’s unique offering provides dispensaries and brands with a turnkey e-commerce solution, including real-time POS integration, curated content directly from the brands (the best pictures, descriptions, etc.), and retail and market analytics. For more information and to request a demo, email [email protected] For more information on Jane, visit www.iheartjane.com.