Pure Ratios Reveals New Brand Identity

Pure Ratios Logo mg magazine
Pure Ratios Logo mg magazine
San Diego, CA. (April 8, 2019)Pure Ratios, the creator of the award-winning 96-hour pain relief patch, unveils all-new branding. With new product lines and strategic partnerships emerging, Pure Ratios’ reinvented logo and packaging offers an elevated representation of the company’s evolving business model.
The cornerstone of the new brand identity is the logo. Its redesign captures the current expansion of the brand and allows more flexibility for future product developments and positioning.  While the new logo’s clean, strong look still maintains Pure Ratios’ commitment to the purity and potency of natural healing.
Chief Marketing Director, Kristian Zaspel, says, “The droplet portrays the proprietary formula that separates us from our competitors, and the healing component for our patients. The ratio symbolize the modern scientific research used to determine the ratio blends of personalization and our modes of delivery. The logo is a perfect summation of our differentiation while providing a fresh outlook of what’s to come.”
Pure Ratios’ packaging has also been upgraded to reflect the evolution of the brand. The sleek and simple design further enhances the messaging around the scientific delivery of plant-based remedies.
CEO, Chad Conner, comments, “Our new brand identity better communicates our culmination of natural traditional medicine, modern scientific research, and technology. It still respects our founding purpose, acknowledges our present impact on the industry, and drives our forward-thinking innovation and strong growth.

About Pure Ratios Holdings, Inc.
Pure Ratios was founded in 2015 with the idea of combining traditional Chinese medicine, with a science-based approach to develop patented and/or proprietary products for the California medical marijuana and the national CBD Hemp markets. Today, Pure Ratios is a team of practitioners, educators, scientists, and individuals working together, to develop a family of innovative products that heighten the use of cannabinoids to create balance.
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