July Round Up: 10 Cannabis Concentrates for 710

Vape Pens 710 mg magazine
Vape Pens 710 mg magazine

Every culture has its holidays and celebrations. It should be no surprise that in cannabis culture, where the status quo and stereotypes are being turned upside down, that an emerging holiday exists because concentrate connoisseurs wanted to stand 7/10 on its head. Do a dab on July 10th, invert the date and you’ll see the word “OIL.”

So, for July, mgretailer’s monthly round up features some oily, sugary, saucy, bubbly, resinous, budder-y, and crystalline extracts and experiences for your vaping, dabbing, and consuming pleasure. Loaded with cannabinoids and tasty terpenes, cannabis oils and extracts can be consumed medicinally or recreationally in many different ways–all of which promise potent effects:


Bullet-Concentrates_mgretailerBullet Silver Distillate Vape Cartridges–Bullet Silver™ premium strain-specific distillate vape pens provide an ultra-pure, clean vaping experience designed for people with highly refined tastes. Filled with Bullet Targeted Concentrates™, Bullet Silver™ cartridges come in multiple strains and are loaded with terpenes. Ceramic reactor technology designed for high viscosity distillate provides unrivaled flavor through uniformed heating and consistent oil flow. In Nevada, at BulletConcentrates.com.

Dragon Original Gold Oil_mgretailerDragon Originals Gold Oil–Made from top shelf, strain-specific cannabis, which is put through a food grade ethanol extraction process and laboratory tested. Once packaged into syringes or honey pots, it’s perfect for topping a bowl, filling a vape cartridge, dabbing, or lining a rolling paper. Great for vaping, dabbing, or ingesting. Available in one-gram syringe, or seven, fourteen, or twenty-eight gram honey pots. 700-800mg THC per gram. Colorado, from DragonOriginals.com.

Eureka_Vapor_mgretailerEureka Vapor–Specializing in the highest-grade sativa, indica, and hybrid strains sourced for their 100 percent natural, additive-free, and CO2 extracted oil. Cartridges are compatible with 510 thread batteries and available in a wide selection of strains, including award-winning Maui Waui, Sour OG, and Northern Lights–Eureka’s most popular strain. Extracted to its purest form, Northern Lights brings euphoria that pleases the mind and eases the body. California and Colorado, at EurekaVapor.com.

Frenchy Cannoli–”A traditional cannabis resin collector that uses ice water sieving,” Frenchy Cannoli is a Master Hashishin, educator, and writer for Weed World U.K. Since the 70s, he has sought out traditional techniques for hand making hashish, studying ancient methods in exotic countries around the world. His unique workshop gives participants a chance to savor a connoisseur’s concentrate experience nonpareil. For more info, visit FrenchyCannoli.com.

(Video: Courtesy of Frenchy Cannoli)

Garden_of_Eden_mgretailerGarden of Eden Forbidden Fruit cartridges–Just in time for hazy summer days, this private reserve cartridge collaboration tempts your senses with tropical sin. Extracted from Pharaoh Pharms’ clean green flower. A cross between Tangie and Cherry Pie, the premium flower’s terpenes are added to a ninety-six percent clear THC distillate. Finally, the Forbidden Fruit extract is injected into Eden Extracts Diamond Line carts. California, at GOE.menu.

Ionic-Vape-Pens-Pure_mgretailerIonic Pure–This flagship product is available in vaporizer cartridges (both half-gram and full gram) and single-use vaporizer pens. Triple-refined cannabis oil contains a higher concentrate and delivers a more potent experience. Ionic vaporizer devices feature ceramic coils, which provide enhanced flavor profile over commonly used wick technology. Added airway control valves prevent leakage and oil loss. Washington state, from Ionic.social.

TheLab_Colorado_mgretailerThe Lab Colorado–Specializing in light hydrocarbon extraction producing cannabis concentrates, including live resin Canary Diamonds, live resin sauce, live resin sugar, live resin batter, and budder. Their high terpene extract, live resin, distillate, and budder pods exclusively for the PAX Era were the first on the market in Colorado. Award-winning line of products begins directly with flower cultivated in The Lab’s gardens, with concentrate products in mind. In Colorado, from TheLabColorado.com.

Select_Concentrates_mgretailerSelect Oil–Sourced from the purest, most flavorful cannabis and delivering an array of Select products that will best meet the unique needs and desired outcomes of all users–no matter what their experience or potency needs. Products are stringently tested to ensure they not only surpass state regulations, but also meet extreme and uncompromising standards. Cartridges, shatter, oil, and crystalline extracts. Oregon, from SelectOil.com.

Sublime_High-C_CBD_vape_mgretailerSublime High-C CBD Cartridges–Products start with pesticide-free, sun-kissed flower from partner farms in California’s Emerald Triangle. Then, cannabinoids are enhanced by proprietary terpene blends. For relaxation without the high, Sublime High-C CBD cartridge contains a blend of CBD and THC for a delightful balance, with cannabinoids and proprietary terpene blends for “dab-like” pulls. Glass tips make for refined vaping. Each cart is compatible with most standard vape batteries. California. From SublimeCanna.com.

Viola_Brands_mgretailerViola Brands–Developed with award-winning extraction techniques and sourced from whole plant cannabis cultivated in their facilities across the country, Viola produces a wide range of cannabis products to fit individual palate and needs. From cultivating premium flower to processing butane extracts, Viola manages every aspect of the production process, applying the latest and most proven technologies to ensure consistency and quality. In California, Oregon, and Colorado, from ViolaBrands.com.

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