Staying on Topic: 4 Cannabis Topicals to Stock in Illinois

Cannabis topicals Illinois mg Retailer
Cannabis topicals Illinois mg Retailer

The Illinois General Assembly passed the Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program Act in 2013. Today, close to 35,000 patients have registered and participate in the program. With over 30 medical conditions approved for qualifying patients, many consumers are in the market for quality topicals, especially those weary of edibles or who cannot smoke. Below is a quick list of some great companies offering these types of products to Illinois cannabis patients.

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Mary’s Medicinals


Mary’s Medicinals is emerging as one of most widely recognized cannabis producers across the country. Their products are available 10 states with more markets on the way. Patients in Illinois have multiple products to choose from including the Mary’s Transdermal CBD Patch which includes 10mg of CBD. These patches adhere directly onto the skin and can be used discreetly while providing patients with relief.

Natures Grace and Wellness mg Retailer
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Nature’s Grace and Wellness

Nature’s Grace and Wellness was founded in 2014 by the O’Hern family. The O’Hern’s have been farming for five generations and bring a true agricultural approach to cannabis production. Nature’s Grace focuses on creating cannabis products that bring relief and healing to patients. Their Cloud 9 lotion comes in a jar that is not full of cannabis imagery for those seeking discretion. The 2 oz lotion container has 100mg of THC and 50 mg of CBD.

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remedi by Cresco Labs


Cresco labs offers products in multiple states through several brands. remedi is the brand focused on cannabis patients. The Extra Strength Pain Cream includes 100mg CBD and can be applied easily and discreetly. All products are precisely and consistently dosed. The Extra Strength Pain Cream is made from natural ingredients including purified water, coconut oil, organic sunflower seed oil, and lavender oil.

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ieso takes a scientific approach to create quality medicine. They have an in-house lab overseen by a Ph.D. chemist. But they also send products to a third-party lab in order to ensure quality. Ieso’s Bath Bombs let patients feel clean while offering them relief. Each bar includes 50mg of THC and comes in a two pack. Ieso also offers lotion bars containing the same levels of THC as the Bath Bombs.