Deep Roots Harvest Introduces Prospector Vapes and Cartridges, Latest Addition to Gold Rush Concentrates Brand


MESQUITE, Nev. — Deep Roots Harvest announced today the launch of Prospector Vapes and Cartridges, the latest addition to its popular Gold Rush Concentrates product line. A premium brand of disposable vapes and cartridges, Prospector products are now available at all Deep Roots Harvest locations throughout Nevada.

Developed in the Deep Roots Harvest Extraction lab from high-quality cannabis, Gold Rush Concentrates products feature only the most premium oil processed to exacting standards. The Prospector brand uses 100%


Nevada-grown cannabis and botanically derived terpenes to produce the finest distillate oil, which is lab-tested to ensure the cleanest, highest quality. Prospector features eight unique vape blends available in three forms of official CCELL hardware, including .5mL cartridge, 1mL cartridge and .5mL disposable vape pen. Current blends include Grape Ape, Strawberry Cough, XJ-13, Northern Lights, Gelato, Forbidden Fruit, Wedding Cake and Jack. Prospector blends are never cut with ethanol or any other chemicals.

“Our vaping customers have high standards and are notoriously particular about their choice of products,” said Jon Marshall, chief operating officer of Deep Roots Harvest. “The Prospector line of products should exceed the quality expectations of even the most discerning connoisseur. Our team is extremely proud of this offering, and we cannot wait to hear the reaction from the vaping community.”

Sporting a gold miner theme, Prospector is the latest addition to the Gold Rush Concentrates brand, which includes a wide variety of concentrates in all forms, including live resin, shatter, wax and other products. The brand launch arrives as Deep Roots Harvest expands its presence across the state, with new locations opening recently in Las Vegas and several other openings planned in the coming months.

With a history grounded in the farm, the lab and the kitchen, Deep Roots is committed to delivering Nevada customers the highest-quality cannabis products:

Deep Roots Harvest Farm: Proudly cultivated on the Mesquite campus in southern NV, Deep Roots has remained one of the most state-of-the-art cannabis farms in the state since opening 2015.

Deep Roots Harvest Extraction Lab:

Deep Roots Harvest extracts and concentrates are developed using strict quality controls and are tested to ensure a clean, consistent and potent cannabis oil for use in edibles and standalone concentrate products like vape pens and dabs.

Deep Roots Harvest Kitchen: Products developed in the Deep Roots Kitchen, including lozenges, gummies and chews, are some of the more popular edible products on store shelves.

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With decades of experience from a team with a true passion for the plant, Deep Roots Harvest has been cultivating, processing, manufacturing and distributing high-quality cannabis products in Nevada since 2015.

Utilizing a state-of-the-art cultivation facility and premium extraction processes, Deep Roots cultivates premium strains and products distributed at a wide variety of retailers throughout the state, including a growing list of Deep Roots Harvest’s own dispensary

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