Perfect Herbal Blends Awarded Infused Cannabis Product Patent by USPTO


California cannabis IP company Perfect Herbal Blends, Inc. ( is excited to announce that its first composition of matter patent (US 11,253,564) covering the company’s novel infused flower cannabis products has been granted by the USPTO.

The award comes after three years of R&D to develop cannabis flower products that deliver a fresh from harvest taste and a consistent experience to consumers. Consistency is achieved by protecting the volatile terpenes responsible for flavor, aroma and distinct effects for extended periods of time. The patented invention, combined with the company’s proprietary manufacturing process, enables the company to make consistent products available in multiple markets.  Cannabis flower products originating in California can now be recreated in every region. The patent covers both marijuana and hemp products.


The patent is focused on the Entourage of Interest (EOI) of terpenes and cannabinoids which provides the desired and consistent effects of Perfect’s proprietary cannabis blends such as Happy Camper, Pick Me Up, NightCap, and the soon to be released Sexpot.

While cannabinoids, such as THC and CBD, are widely touted as the active compounds in cannabis, terpenes play a significant role in the flavor and fragrance of cannabis and are increasingly appreciated for their role in the “entourage effect”. The issued patent claims broadly and specifically cover the terpene content, as well as THC to CBD ratios in Perfect’s infused flower products. The patent also covers the stability of the EOI, which is key to producing consumer friendly cannabis products.

“This patent is an exciting foundation for the portfolio of IP we have developed,” Perfect Herbal Blends co-founder and CEO Dean Hollander said. “We believe consistency is vital to building brands consumers can rely on and trust. This innovation paves the way for stable and higher quality cannabis products that can truly scale globally. We are looking forward to partnering with licensed manufacturers across the U.S. to launch Perfect’s products in multiple markets.”

A company focused on the future of cannabis, Perfect Herbal Blends has additional patent applications pending, covering compositions of matter, methods of making them, and its innovative two sided pre-roll form factor called the PERFECTO. The newly granted patent plays a significant role in the company’s future and serves as a foundation for Perfect’s intellectual property portfolio which protects their proprietary process for creating plant products containing a selected EOI.


Perfect is about designing blended formulations using 100% cannabis and cannabis oil, combined with breakthrough terpene preservation methods that result in extended shelf life and product consistency. Perfect empowers customers to find their perfect vibe for the moments that matter with unique low dose functional products they can count on. Perfect’s infused blends deliver consistent effects, quality, flavor, and potency — reliable when someone wants to connect and get creative in a conversation, engage deeply on a project, or relax into a peaceful evening. Rated #1 on Proper and based on over a decade of research, Perfect blends terpene-rich varieties do what no single plant can do.