Lion Order Wins Two 2023 HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup: Michigan People’s Choice Awards

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Lion Order, a cannabis lifestyle brand led by Rohan Marley, featuring strain genetics developed by Heavyweight Heads, and powered by 305 Farms, is honored to announce winning two awards at the 2023 HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup: Michigan People’s Choice:


2nd Place – Adult Use Topicals / Tinctures / Capsules / Sublinguals: Lion Balm

3rd Place – Medical Sativa Flower: King Clementine

Lion Order LION BALM Full Spectrum Cooling Stick is a topical herbal rub containing 500mg THC and 500mg CBD with a proprietary blend of essential oils that provide extra healing properties. This easy to apply roll-on applicator soothes the mind and body with an intoxicating lavender scent. CBD and THC work together using the “entourage effect” to provide localized relief from sore muscles, joint pain, and skin irritations. This potent balm is applied topically, directly onto the affected area, where it is absorbed by the skin and interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system.

Lion Order’s King Clementine flower packs a delicious citrusy, clementine taste with a creamy exhale, easing stress and elevating mood as a true King’s herb. Dubbed for its royal vibes, King Clementine is a cross between Heavyweight Heads’ Sunfuel and the award-winning Tropicana Cookies strains.

Established in 1974, HIGH TIMES Magazine has become the definitive source for cannabis news, culture, and brands, appealing to dedicated enthusiasts and industry insiders alike. Boasting an unwavering reputation founded on trust, it provides a dependable platform, delivering in-depth reviews and comprehensive information covering every facet of the cannabis realm. The HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup stands as an internationally acclaimed cannabis competition, cementing its position as the pinnacle event within the cannabis community.

“We are grateful for the community’s votes that led to Lion Order winning second and third place at HIGH TIMES’ prestigious Cannabis Cup. Our Lion Balm topical provides much needed relief to our customers and King Clementine is Lion Order’s flagship strain, developed by one of the most innovative cultivation teams in the state, so we are thrilled to see these products win in their respective categories,” said Aaron Cole, CEO of Heavyweight Heads.

“We are blessed to have such a dynamic team behind Lion Order, with carefully curated genetics co-developed by Heavyweight Heads, and scalability through our partnership with 305 Farms, who operate the largest cultivation campus in the state of Michigan,” said Rohan Marley, son of legendary musician Bob Marley. “I am excited to bring our vision for a roots luxury brand that transcends the cannabis industry and represents the culture and our movement.”

Lion Order herb is grown with a deep Love and Respect for the plant. From seed to sale, each of their proprietary strains are cultivated with care to meet their five-factor standard: Aesthetic, Aroma, Flavor, Efficacy, and Resin-Release. To provide the most elevated experience possible, Lion Order prioritizes freshness so that their rich terpene profiles can be fully enjoyed.

Lion Order has launched 6 unique strain cultivars in the Michigan market, including:

Island Sunshine (Sativa), King Clementine (Hybrid), Road Block (Indica), Hurricane (Indica-Dominant Hybrid), and Gully Kush (Sativa-Dominant Hybrid); the sixth strain, Lion Fuel (Indica-Dominant Hybrid), launched this month, with additional strains coming soon. Lion Order is also launching a line of proprietary vapes in the Michigan market in August 2023 through 305 Farms, who also won “Best Adult-Use Distillate Vape” in the 2023 HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup: Michigan People’s Choice with their Workers Cannabis “Unicorn Piss” vape.

Lion Order products are currently available throughout Michigan in 100+ retail stores, and Lion Order is looking to expand into other licensed markets soon. For more information on Lion Order, please visit

ABOUT LION ORDER GROUP LION ORDER is a movement led by Rohan Marley and a collection of professional athletes, activists, musicians and visionaries around the world who seek everlasting change and commitment to the elevation and edification of consciousness via plant medicine.

The Lion Order crest is our commitment to excellence and the virtues of Rastafari, Peace, Love and Unity.

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